Forget Brazilian girls – here come les femmes…

 I was overwhelmed with nostalgia this morning, remembering that magical time when I worked on Piccadilly, meeting people who taught me so much…and remembering how transported I was by my early forays into French cinema. As a 19 year-old girl, the women below all touched me with their beauty and vague air of melancholy…

Emmanuelle Béart

Jeanne Moreau

Anna Karina

Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Huppert
And Catherine…always Catherine.


7 thoughts on “Forget Brazilian girls – here come les femmes…

  1. Emmanuelle Beart is just so gorgeous, it's the lips…. Sensuous is a hackneyed word but I can't think of anothers that describe them so perfectly. Should be in the dictionary: Sensuous- Emmanuelle Bearts lips.

  2. Emanuelle Beart is so beautiful, and i love how the french continue to give their ladies sexy leading roles after 30, others should take note!xx

  3. What's not to like! Love French cinema and the wonderful leading ladies. Also meant to come back and say look on ASOS for chinos – there were some Mango ones but they carry Gap stock too xx

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