How cool is your mum?

Found this old photo today. Get with it, people – I’ve been wearing playsuits for yonks.

According to Hadley Freeman (and various other sources, it has to be said), we’re all going to be dressing like our mothers for the next few months. So I had another look at this old favourite:

Soft cream poloneck, silk scarf and a tweedy skirt? 
My mum’s a dude.

How cool was yours?


4 thoughts on “How cool is your mum?

  1. Does that mean I'm going to have to get a scary perm and start wearing something that looks like it was made from curtains? And not in a retro Maria Von Trapp way….

  2. see now my mum wore liquorice allsort machine knitted sweaters and also had said scary perm and Deidre Barlow glasses. my mum was SO not cool…..

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