Hot Boots for a Cold Day.

Ladies….have you been introduced to these seriously fine boots…?

TopShop, on


Friend Friday: Fall Fashion 2010

I’m taking part in Friend Friday, organised by Kate from Modly Chic as a means of getting to know other bloggers. This week’s subject is ‘Fall Fashion’ questions below:

1. What new fashion trend are you looking forward to sporting this fall?

I’m a sucker for the fifties, but I certainly won’t be donning any belted cable-knit jumpers. I find it difficult to believe that Miuccia Prada came up with that for those of us with bosoms – most unflattering on me. I am looking forward to wearing cropped cigarette pants with socks and sandals, though.

2. Which item in your closet is most likely to be your go-to transition piece?

My nude Topshop dress that I wanted in April, but finally nabbed in the sale a few weeks ago. It’s flimsy, and weighs hardly anything, but I want to wear it with a chunky cardigan and ribbed tights, and run round the woods in wellies. The running bit’s unlikely though.

3. What item from last year are you looking forward to reinventing this fall?
I’m dying to unleash my leopard print coat on the world. I’m not exactly reinventing it, exactly…but I didn’t wear it once last year, and it’s too lovely to be allowed to languish in my wardrobe for another winter.

I’d love to wear it with clashing colours à la Dries:

4. What is your favorite part about this time of the year?

It’s the anticipation, I think, when the air changes. I love A/W fashion, too – it’s exciting to wear all sorts of textures and layers and rich colours, when you’ve grown tired of summer dresses. I also much prefer tights and ankle boots to flip flops, on a more prosaic note.
5. Will you be attending any fashion events this fall?
‘Fraid not. I would love to, but have never really had the opportunity. If anyone knows of anything in the Manchester area, drop me a line…

Er, I think I've gone off Steven Meisel…

All this talk of Meisel’s ‘Oil and Water‘ shoot for Vogue Italia reminded me of his equally tasteful shots from the Louis Vuitton S/S 10 campaign.

Images from

According to My Fashion Life, Marc Jacobs described the shoot thus: Doves were flying, the atmosphere was sexy and magical, and the result is a set of images that are desirable, colorful, whimsical and, of course, luxurious.”

Well, heaven knows, Mr Jacobs – nothing says sexy and magical like a girl lying murdered in a wood.  

Unsung Style Hero of the Day.

I love Giovanna Battaglia as much as the next girl, but for simple, slightly girlish chic, Carrie Gorman (editor of is my unsung hero. This lady sure knows how to wear a peg trouser, and the shoes are pretty hot, too. Jaloux.

Love the pop of the tan belt…
…and the red nails are yummy.

Can anyone make a breton top or a faux fur jacket look as sweet as she?

Who is your unsung style hero? Is s/he more way out than my choice?!
Top photos by Alastair Guy; all photographs from

I'm a lady.

Considering (as I have been) M&S’s AW collection, and its obvious influence from Burberry and Prada AW10 – M&S models even have Prada-esque beehives – I was struck by how feminine the clothes were…and – particularly with reference to Burberry – how very ‘English’.  

Loving the print and the pussybow.

Missing the knitted handband though…

Delicate skirt toughened up with a military coat? Best of all worlds.

This reminded me of a favourite editorial from a couple of years ago, when ‘Heritage’ was one of the looks for autumn/winter. It’s encapsulates that desire to look feminine, with a very British need for practicality: silk dresses are lovely, but you must don your boots and tweed coat when heading outdoors.

Believe me, I thought I’d seen enough of pattern and embellishment, and was ready to throw myself into the new minimalism’s (immaculately tailored) arms, but glancing through this shoot has reawakened my love of multiple textures and warm autumnal colours with flashes of sparkle.

I love the strings and strings of pearls with the shot silk dress and the more practical wool cardigan. 

The corduroy, satin blouse and checked cape (below) are a cheeky yet ladylike combination. I like the idea that she’ll soon decide she ‘doesn’t care a fig’ for her finery and run through the garden in satin and wellies – mud and thorns be damned.

The beautiful liquid gold dress and the sleek tweed coat are gorgeous together. It’s almost very Julia Flyte – any minute now she might run from the party and sob by the fountain.

Here the wool with satin blouse and sequin skirt is just stunning, and so luxurious:

Though the clash of texture is at first the most apparent, I think it’s the colours that appeal most to me in these photographs; as an auburn-haired, hazel-eyed girl, I am meant to be drawn to golds and plums and toffees and chestnuts – all the colours of our impending season…

So…will you be embracing the new minimalism…or can you not resist the twinkle of a gold sequin?
Top photos from; subsequent shots photographed from InStyle magazine.

Vintage Shoe Porn.

I have been very restrained of late – due the current economic climate chez Bossa – and have tried fairly successfully not to look at shoes at all. However, there’s nothing wrong with looking dreamily at your past purchases, right? Especially when they all came in at under 4 quid.
I’m sure my calf muscles shrink if I wear these too long…
GINA, no less.

Look at the HEELS.

“Bubblegum peeptoes”
These babies have had an outing before:
And finally: I know these aren’t from the 80s, but I want to pay a dear tribute to the shoes I desperately wanted, but had to sell for groceries…
Melissa with Vivienne Westwood Ladydragons