I'm a lady.

Considering (as I have been) M&S’s AW collection, and its obvious influence from Burberry and Prada AW10 – M&S models even have Prada-esque beehives – I was struck by how feminine the clothes were…and – particularly with reference to Burberry – how very ‘English’.  

Loving the print and the pussybow.

Missing the knitted handband though…

Delicate skirt toughened up with a military coat? Best of all worlds.

This reminded me of a favourite editorial from a couple of years ago, when ‘Heritage’ was one of the looks for autumn/winter. It’s encapsulates that desire to look feminine, with a very British need for practicality: silk dresses are lovely, but you must don your boots and tweed coat when heading outdoors.

Believe me, I thought I’d seen enough of pattern and embellishment, and was ready to throw myself into the new minimalism’s (immaculately tailored) arms, but glancing through this shoot has reawakened my love of multiple textures and warm autumnal colours with flashes of sparkle.

I love the strings and strings of pearls with the shot silk dress and the more practical wool cardigan. 

The corduroy, satin blouse and checked cape (below) are a cheeky yet ladylike combination. I like the idea that she’ll soon decide she ‘doesn’t care a fig’ for her finery and run through the garden in satin and wellies – mud and thorns be damned.

The beautiful liquid gold dress and the sleek tweed coat are gorgeous together. It’s almost very Julia Flyte – any minute now she might run from the party and sob by the fountain.

Here the wool with satin blouse and sequin skirt is just stunning, and so luxurious:

Though the clash of texture is at first the most apparent, I think it’s the colours that appeal most to me in these photographs; as an auburn-haired, hazel-eyed girl, I am meant to be drawn to golds and plums and toffees and chestnuts – all the colours of our impending season…

So…will you be embracing the new minimalism…or can you not resist the twinkle of a gold sequin?
Top photos from InStyle.co.uk; subsequent shots photographed from InStyle magazine.

15 thoughts on “I'm a lady.

  1. You have great taste, this is the kind of style I love too. Those rich colours and textures, a bit of glitz and a bit of rough… wonderful. And the M&S coat and dress are gorgeous. Stop tempting me!

  2. @ Meandering Mother: we should, when you come up north!@ Penny Dreadful: that's me – a bit of glitz and a bit of rough!! I'm tempting myself – it pains me to not be able to buy anything…@ Looking Fab in Your Forties: yes, really M+S! I still can't get over their array of leather skirts.

  3. Aw i adore A/W, so much better for luxurious dressing!I really like the M&S looks, they get better every season, i will definitely have to check their A/W look book, their collection seems like a winner this yearxx

  4. Am impressed by M&S photos, nearly had to lie down. I think the mix of textures and country is a perennial look – love it!And love the dress btw…in midst of repairs and alterations. I'll be rocking that Prada look with it. Now need to find a good wholly jumper, already have the wellies and am learning to do beehives again xx

  5. I can't believe that green military-inspired coat is M&S–it looks like something from the Burberry Prorsum menswear collection.Hmm I'm embracing minimalism this season insofar as now's a great time to invest in basic staples and wardrobe classics. But when I need a break from the ascetic aesthetic I'll turn to big bold statement accessories, and yes, shiny baubles.

  6. I love the rich colors in these outfits. I cannot wait for fall weather to break out some of these textured pieces.

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