Car boots and leopard and capes, oh my!

Cape – vintage, skirt-that-was-a-dress – Peacocks
Velvet cape – vintage
Cardigan – vintage, Skirt – M&S, Shoes – car boot sale
Bag – car boot sale
Nice heels.
Leopard coat – vintage, Trousers – Uniqlo
Jacket – Warehouse, Camisole – vintage
Bag – car boot sale.
Belt – car boot sale

12 thoughts on “Car boots and leopard and capes, oh my!

  1. that belt is a vision! and the pattern on the heels is amazing. . great finds!and no, i haven't bought any burnt orange items *yet*– am just worried i might buy more than one at a time, when i am supposed to be keeping the money to move. although, who knows! 🙂

  2. I wasnt going to go to the vintage sale – I really dont have any room for more cloths, but I had to go into town and I could hardly walk past without a peep! Its pretty good, especially for boots and coats xx

  3. This post is great!I love M&S leopard print skirt with navy cardigan, it looks so good together! And the last outfit looks so great too!

  4. love all your fabulous colors!!!! great blog. I'm a member of the Friend Fridays group. I am so glad to be a part of it because I've founds so many great blogs 🙂

  5. SMって最初は抵抗有る方が多いと思いますが、新しい自分を見付ける入門にまず、SM度チェッカーで自分に合うSMプレーを探しませんか?ここから新しい可能性が広がりますよ

  6. 新年を寂しく過ごしている方に必見。まだ間に合う出逢いのサイトです。冬休み後半の思い出作りに異性と過ごしませんか?今から始まる異性との新たな関係を築き、一年の初めを良い思い出に変えましょう

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