Asos 'Revive': a glimpse of stocking.

Yes, I’m excited about, yes, I’m dying to get my freshly-bought items…but no, that hasn’t quashed my naturally materialistic nature. Revive, Asos’s new line of vintage-inspired clothing, launched on Friday, and is a small and slightly odd collection for the ladylike among us.

The dresses are really rather lovely; I am a little taken by this green number, which I think has beautiful vintage-style details. They style it with a chunky cardigan with elbow patches, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that:

The ‘underwear’ is definitely a highlight for me; impractical as they are, I may not be able to resist these delicate little shorts:

 Never fear, however, footwear and outerwear is catered for, with this country-chic cape, and yummy moss-green jodphurs:

Here is one of the obligatory aviator jackets, but honestly? I’m more interested in the cute pom-pom headband:

I’m really not a hat person (it’s the unruly hair) but that or the faux-fur hat below might tempt me:

 And finally, just because I like em….the velvet peg trousers. They’re in a tasteful colour, and they appear to drape beautifully. Velvet dresses always feel a bit ‘first birthday party’ for me, but these may well have pushed me into the velvet-fan camp. 

My grandma will hate them, but then, she wouldn’t approve of going out in a slip and cardigan, either.

Will you be wearing velvet this winter? And which items have beckoned to you, from amongst the vast array of A/W fashions?


12 thoughts on “Asos 'Revive': a glimpse of stocking.

  1. Just tried to add a comment, it got lost :(I was just saying… I will purchase a faux fur and head band hat – so cute, also a smart jacket like that evergreen one you listed.Let payday come quickly – nothing's doing this month!

  2. i'm with you on the aviator jacket–it's nothing new or exciting and the pom pom headbands are way cute! I love the velvet pants and those brown suede boots also, very pretty! 🙂 xx

  3. I love the faux fur hat and the pom pom thing but that is probably just a stylist addition.That slip as dress is perfect too.Now as for bra sizing I studied the previous post – and aside from admiring the wonderful items I'm thinking your bra size is wrong. Take those measurement as I instructed to AC and email them to me. I can sort of guess by looking, I suspect your bra size is two inches too big if not more and your cup size is wrong too! Cheery aren't I xx

  4. I just had look at their collection yesterday and they are super awesome! The aviator jacket is only 100 quid!! ( I think it's worth it if the quality is good) 🙂

  5. I am already a little tired of the aviator jacket it is everywhere I must admit I have invested in one but it is a honey coloured one.I love the dress and shorts they are sooooo cute. Asos is one of my favs at the moment xoxo

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