The Redheads Get Their Day…

Having been a bit under the weather I am woefully behind on the S/S 2011 shows, but the Mulberry collection has gotten me all excited. It’s very pretty, of course – I love the coppers and warm peaches and baby blues together, and the ankle boots in myriad shades are fab – but also because I am having my hair dyed redder tomorrow…

I suppose it’s no great surprise that “the gingers got their day”*, what with ladies like Florence Welch and Christina Hendricks so much at the fore, but I do think it is a hitherto under-appreciated colour. How fabulous do these vivid blues look with the vibrant orange hair? How delicious the plum dress?

And here’s one in the eye for all the black clothes/ginger hair naysayers in my life: 
tell me her hair doesn’t give the black dress a gorgeous pop of colour!

So, rather than be filled with trepidation at my first foray into hair colouring, I have decided to be bold. What better way to warm up the dark days than with a shock of golden copper?
All photos from
* Matthew Schneier, review


3 thoughts on “The Redheads Get Their Day…

  1. My favourite is the rusty orange suit in the top row.I have always loved red hair, I don't understand why there has ever been a stigma. I have considered dying my hair a lovely copper red in the past, but it just wouldn't suit my skin tone. You are one lucky lady.

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