Friend Friday: Showcasing the Negative.

1. Do you post pictures on your blog, or would you if the opportunity came along, of people with poor fashion / beauty sense?
No, I really don’t think I would. I’m not into it, and I just feel like it would be too mean. Besides, who am I to comment negatively on someone else’s fashion or beauty sense? I don’t feel I’m in a lofty enough sartorial position. I rarely post photos of myself either – I’d die if someone said something disparaging about me.

I’m saying NOTHING.

2. Do you read any blogs that highlight the bad? Why?

I am not really aware of many, but I will admit I do read ‘Go Fug Yourself’ – it is so bitchy about celebs sometimes, but often really funny. I particularly enjoyed this one about the predictability of Eva Longoria Parker’s red carpet dressing…  The Fashion Police also post on fashion disasters, too, but they have a ‘nothing personal’ rule, so catty comments about weight are out. I suppose there must be a line in my head that divides celebrities and ‘real’ people, and ‘real people’ aren’t fair game. Ordinary people don’t wander the street expecting to see their outfits dissected online.

3. Should these bloggers get permission to post the pictures from the subject in the same way the street-style blogs do?
I think so, yes. It’s the responsible way! I wouldn’t dream of posting a picture of someone without their consent, particularly not if it’s from a critical standpoint.

4. As human beings we are fascinated with disasters – of all sorts – why do you think that is? How do the blogs/websites that highlight the negative thrive?
Sometimes I think we are drawn to things that elicit strong reactions in us; we are so inured to horror and violence and disasters that I think we crave that shock from time to time. I believe the obsession with true crime and crime fiction stems from a fascination with the dark in our own selves. Discussing the negative – whether online of face-to-face – also seems to be a means of unifying ourselves with other people. Blogs or websites that highlight negativity thrive because they will always provoke comment in others, and these comments will in turn provoke the reactive among us.

5. For many, fashion is subjective. Do you think there can be anything that is objectively bad in the fashion world?
In terms of style, I would say not – one wo/man’s trash is another wo/man’s treasure; fashion is and should be a free creative space. But there are issues around the fashion world that can be seen as ‘objectively bad’, I think: the relationship between fashion and negative body image, for example, or fashion houses being linked to sweat shops, or the kind of behaviour that Terry Richardson is alleged to have displayed. Fashion isn’t immune to social issues, and it’s more interesting when it provokes discussion.

And…off the high horse.


4 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Showcasing the Negative.

  1. With you all the way – real people aren't fair game – very nicely put!Great point about fashion not being immune to social issues!

  2. Really agree with the whole thing.I wonder whether very popular fashion bloggers should be counted as celebrities in the sense that they post pictures of themselves knowing that a large section of the public will be viewing it, just as celebrities count on the paparazzi to give them exposure?hmmmxxxx

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