Milan & Its Technicolour Dream Coats.

I can’t pretend I have seen all the pictures from all the fashion weeks, and I can’t say I’m an expert on designer collections…but, sometimes you just fall in love. Sometimes its about the feeling you get. 

Well, I fell in love. With the beautiful colours at Aquilano.Rimondi. Now I know that there was plenty of colour-blocking on the catwalks this season, but Gucci’s jackets and trousers, though stunning, got a little too close to the 80s for me, and I certainly wasn’t feeling the ‘orderly chic’ at Prada (thankfully it didn’t move me to tears, however, as it did Kate at Make Do Style). The chic and streamlined shapes at Aquilano.Rimondi swung it for me though.

The way Aquilano.Rimondi’s collection combined colour (try saying that ten times really quickly!) made me groan aloud, but it was the choice of fabric that made said colours so vivid.

It is also the reason I would be very cautious of ‘trying this at home’; jewel tones tend to be popular in winter, of course, but I don’t know if peach, tangerine and turquoise would pack the same punch in Topshop cotton.
Does it look gorgeous? Absolutely. Are the hotpants necessary? I hope not.
Will I be able to pull it off without looking like Emma from Glee?! Watch this space…

Emma: she has great sweater clips.


2 thoughts on “Milan & Its Technicolour Dream Coats.

  1. You're so right… this was a fabulous collection… but you are also very right that 'Topshop cotton' will not look the same!Love your new hair colour… so autumnal! And than you for your comments on my blog… it is so nice to know that someone is reading it!Charlotte xxThe Style RailFollow on Twitter …and on Facebook

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