Miu Miu: Gatsby on acid?

Truth be told, I hate the phrase ‘on acid’ as a byword for how wacky something is. BUT I loved the flashes of neon in the Miu Miu S/S 2011 collection, especially when combined with pleated silk belted dresses in blood red, royal blue or emerald.

And just look at the corseted shoes… 
Shoe images from miumiu.com
All others from style.com

5 thoughts on “Miu Miu: Gatsby on acid?

  1. I wish style.com would get some details shots up, I am dying to see all the shoes up close! And the bags I didnt really get a look at. I am thinking the acid green ones are my favourite xx

  2. @ Pearl: acid green would look great on you…I might look a bit like a leprechaun, so I'll stick to the pink. ;)@My Style: I am very inspired…to the detriment of my cash supply!@ Veshoevius: tell me about it! They are SO sexy. I might even consider saving up for them, and £100's usually my limit!

  3. the beige-gold-white corseted shoes are mindblowing. . am definitely craving a pair. . on acid would be a good description. . yet i love the way some of the dresses look ladylike and glamourous with a streak of madness.

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