Friend Friday:Startin' blogs is hard to do

1. How has your blog changed over the months/years you’ve been blogging?
It’s only been 6 months, so it’s changed a lot in one sense, but in another way it hasn’t had time to change much. I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking how it looked, trying different kinds of posts, eg outfit shots, charity shop hauls, summaries of new high street collections, and it helps to do that, I think. I always think that when you’re being creative you have to be prepared to try things that don’t work, to enable you to find your way! I’m still working on that.

I can never resist a chance to show off my bargains. Especially when they look like this one.

2. What was one thing you did wrong in the beginning and how have you changed that?
Well it’s not that long ago, but one thing I have started doing is asking a question at the end of my posts. At first I was concerned with trying to give each post a punchy round-off, but I noticed an increase in comments when I actually solicited the opinion of my readers. It was a great tip!

3. When you visit a blog what’s the greatest turn off? The thing that makes you close the tab?
No one thing: if I feel it’s not my area of interest, if it’s hard to navigate or subscribe to, or if it’s just scan after scan from Vogue, which I’ve just read anyway; an odd one’s fine, but you need to break it up a bit!

4. How did you find your voice?
I don’t know if I have yet! I’ve found it difficult to decide how much of myself to ‘put in’. At first I didn’t feel comfortable putting pictures of myself on the blog either (partly because of self-consciousness, and partly because I wasn’t sure I could do it convincingly), but I have to admit that I find blogs more engaging if you get a glimpse of someone’s wardrobe or someone’s lifestyle. I think blogging calls for a different style of writing, to be honest, and it’s strange getting used to addressing someone and no-one at the same time. I always prefer the posts where I’ve gotten a little ‘whimsical’, though…

Outfit posts: I braved some eventually….

5. If you had three pieces of advice to give to a new blogger what would those be?
     1. ‘Be yourself’ is the classic one. But if you haven’t found your angle, be prepared to try things out until you feel comfortable.
     2…would be a great one that I recently read on Grit and Glamour: don’t feel you have to post every day. I know the content of mine suffered when I tried to write more frequently than I was comfortable with. Plus it then puts you under a certain amount of pressure – and this is supposed to be enjoyable.
     3. Set aside time to interact with other bloggers: engage with them through the posts of theirs you’ve enjoyed, giving helpful comments or ones that spark some kind of discussion. It does increase your traffic, of course, but it’s rewarding in a more social sense – I’ve ‘met’ some fabulous fun people via blogs, and ones who I respect and inspire me. Two of the many such ones would be Veshoevius of Taxonomy of My Wardrobe, and Penny Dreadful Vintage – their blogs are engaging, interesting and really well written. Shout out to you two!

How about you? How did you find your voice? And what are your turn-offs?
(see what I did there with the closing questions?!)


14 thoughts on “Friend Friday:Startin' blogs is hard to do

  1. Hellooo Mrs Bossa! I promise I am in the middle of replying to your email, will be sent soon! Thank you for the mention, that is really sweet 🙂 I totally agree on the not feeling you have to post every day – it isn't meant to be a chore. I've found it easier to post more often as time goes on, but when I wasn't well earlier in the year I just stopped cold for a month – and blow me down, the world didn't stop!

  2. Loved reading your answers – and I totally agree with your tips! It was such a relief when I realised I didn't have to post every day. (that leopard print coat (?) is awesome!)♥ Leia

  3. I started asking questions too. I forgot to mention that. Also I started putting questions in bold that were throughout the post and actually if I made them bold, I got answers more often.

  4. I'm with you – if it's just a total rehashing of something I could see in a magazine, I'm not interested enough to stick around!

  5. Great answers, I often ask questions at the end of posts, I do think it encourages people to leave an opinion which is always nice.

  6. First off-that coat made my heart skip a beat! So adorable. I really loved your answer to number 4, blogging IS a different style of writing, and it's tough to get the hang of!-Tess

  7. hey!yeah, i totally agree that we don't need to blog everyday. because c'mon, its such a headache just to post think of what to post every single day. 😀 and haha! yeah; sometimes when the photos comes out a little weird, or not pretty; i just cut the head off!

  8. I have to agree about the posting everyday. Whilst it's great to see regular content on blogs, the quality and content does suffer (not to mention how stressful it must become finding interesting things to blog about on a daily basis) However if it is a daily outfit blog, i do enjoy it and am a little bit in awe of the time and effort put into it.great post! I loved reading your answers xx

  9. I've been hopping around the web all day reading everyone's responses to the Friend Friday questions, and I found your site! I just joined the group and am a new blogger (only since August). I like what you had to say about advice to a new blogger… allowing yourself to experiment and try different things. I've been doing almost entirely outfit posts because I enjoy photography and it gives me an excuse and a reason to take time out every day to shoot. But, I'm gonna put my thinking cap on and consider what else I might be interested in. Again, glad to have found your site!

  10. Mrs B!I'm so touched for the shout out. Truly! For once I'm lost for words.I'm with you on not having to post every day – who makes up these "rules" anyway? You should do it when you can put some love and attention in it.Love the Jacki-O hiding from paparazzi shot! Sums up how I feel about outfit shots too.

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