4 Jeans-free Ways to Nail Weekend Chic.

So it’s 10am on Saturday morning. Monday to Friday, you’ve wowed them at the office with your unique yet professional style…but what now, at the weekend?

I read an article in Vogue last month by journalist Pippa Holt, who found it really difficult to dress casually; she loved her striking dresses and vintage one-offs, her heels and jewellery, and the whole idea of jeans-and-trainers dressing was an anathema to her. This struck a real chord with me.

My ‘style’ – if what I wear is as cohesive a concept as that – has changed over the last year. My wardrobe contains a quarter of the clothes it did last September, and inevitably fashion has provided me with a few new obsessions – pleated skirts, silk shirts and ankle boots, to name but a few. Somehow, though, I’m still trying to fit all this together; it’s a little like shaking a kaleidoscope until all the pieces fall into place. That’s the fun of fashion, no?

After my first big clearout, one of the initial difficulties – which I’m sure you can relate to – was how to dress for work. I reverted to my default all-black wardrobe, which, though easy, didn’t do much for my post-London mood. I was reluctant to dig out the leopard print skirts and patent green shoes for running around a library, thinking I should ‘keep them for weekend’ – a philosophy I blame my mother for! Eventually, though, I bit the bullet…and I feel all the better for it.

Jess Cartner-Morley inspired me to embrace some colour. Thanks, Jess.

Of course, that had a knock-on effect – I didn’t feel I could wear those clothes at weekend, ‘tainted’ as they were by work. Since I moved to Stockport, we’ve been a little isolated – not always fun, but it does mean you can live in your pyjamas outside of the working week – a comfy choice, but not a particularly creative one! Pippa Holt’s problems were solved by a canny purchase of a casual yet beautiful go-with-everything Céline trenchcoat; us less wealthy types do, I fear, have to take a slightly more prosaic approach…! So the way I saw it, I had to go one of two ways: get more dressed up at weekend (high maintenance) or BRAVE THE JEANS. 

Jeans, leggings, jeggings – all simple steps to casual chic – just don’t suit me; this weekend I wore my mid-calf black Zara skirt to bake a chocolate pudding, and felt ridiculously overdressed. (It also had the unfortunate effect of making me resemble a 50s housewife when armed with baking trays.) So, when having a scout around online, I was pleasantly surprised to see that trousers are strong on the high street, not just in Chloé. I’ve eulogised already about the Asos velvet harems, so here are some of my other high street favourites: streamlined and simple, with a luxurious feel…

Miss Selfridge
French Connection
American Apparel- they need sexier heels than this, though.

Sure, powder blue is a brave choice, but worn with a chic blazer and a fine knit t-shirt, I think I might just get away with it…

What about you? Are you a lucky jeans-wearer?
And can you offer some tips for simple weekend chic?


15 thoughts on “4 Jeans-free Ways to Nail Weekend Chic.

  1. That really made me laugh about the work clothes being tainted!I find the hardest thing dressing for nights out, dont know why!My week and weekend wardrobes are pretty much the same as I can wear what I want to work. But my slobbing around clothes consist of leggings, flat worker style boots and a couple of huge oversized topshop sweaters – no efford required!

  2. Feel responsible about the comment I made about you looking like a 50's housewife now! And I have the problem the other way, I do casual too well. Before I set off to Sara's I stood in front of my wardrobe and pondered for a long while as I always think you look fantastic and felt like my wardrobe is just too casual. I panicked about not having the right things and ended up wearing jeans all weekend, wishing that I could wear a long black skirt and had a lovely bust like you!! The joys of being a woman and comparing yourself….

  3. I don't look very good in jeans OR trousers, I have such trouble finding styles that suit me. The ones from Miss Selfridge and Whistles are fab, they look really well cut. I recently splashed on a pair of (second-hand) Valentino trousers, and I have to say, you do sometimes get what you pay for – they look so much better than what I'd been wearing as my plain black work trousers before.

  4. These are lovely picks, Mrs Bossa. I don't really like wearing jeans unless to pop out to the supermarket, but I agree that the weekend should be chic even if relaxed!

  5. I fixated on that Pippa Holt article too! As week blurs into weekends I'm usually in jeans and jersey at the moment and I have to make a concious effort to pull out trousers. Quite taken with your suggestion of velvet harems!

  6. I used to have the same problem when I started working last year. I bought loads of professional work clothes, and then had no idea what to wear over the weekend. My new job is really casual, so my style has become more casual. So I'm living in jeans these days.

  7. Think 70s and French/Italian/WASP when it comes to jeans and a white shirt!BTW have worn the dress & got lots of compliments. I think I will wear it tomorrow night for anniversary meal at Hix – it is tres Mad Men. Must get a photo. I shortened it, readjusted the lining – separated it properly and put darts in around the chest area.

  8. Thank you for following my blog. I have visited yours and I love what I see, so I am following you, too. I will put you in my rollblog, and come back for more.XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  9. I can see you in 80s huge bat wing jumper dresses with cropped leggings, socks and little kitten heels, I am convinced there is a jumper/leggings combo out there for you! Also forgot to say Zara are doing fantastic trousers at the moment similar to the ones you posted, I love how they look with brogues – not on me, but on other people I only do heels!

  10. looovely pieces… i am not a trouser person too, although they are more comfy that skirts or so. just can't find the suitable pari that would fulfill all my expectations!

  11. You know what? I really hate jeans! I find them uncomfortable and boring and I wear them about 5 or 6 times in a year. My weekend chic outfits consist of leggings and long tops, elasticated-waist skirts, and easy dresses :)♥ Leia

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