My need for tweed.

After my last Friend Friday post – and with a little encouragement from some helpful readers – I have decided to give some more outfit shots a try. I don’t know if my day-to-day wardrobe will hold up to daily scrutiny, so instead I’ll share with you two of my recent charity shop bargains. On me. And I’ve even included my head in some of them.

Oui Set silk shirt, tweed skirt, both from British Heart Foundation.
I love pussy bow blouses, but this is a more relaxed take:
I think I might be one of the palest people in the world…

So, with this silk and tweed combination, I feel I am well on my way to embracing the heritage chic I so love – and all for less than a fiver. May need to work on the hair though…

What autumn bargains have you discovered…?

16 thoughts on “My need for tweed.

  1. Wow great finds they make a perfect outfit. Im the same as you point a camera at me and I practically glow I am so pale LOL! My khaki pants on the last post were actaully h&m ones but I do have a Zara pair which are very similar just a bit thicker. I have four pairs of recent Zara trousers they seem to be a good cut for me I have two beige, khaki and a brown pair – I hope your happy with the ones you ordered. Ive got 3 pairs of PH shoes now all £700 shoes for less than £100 each so am pretty pleased with myself there, hoping to get some more bargins in the xmas sales x

  2. Hurrah! What a lovely outfit, I do love a good tweedy skirt, and pussy bow blouses, and red. And your hair is such a lustrous colour, you must love being a redhead.

  3. Good going on finding this fab utfit for less than a fiver! Why don't I ever score these kind of bargains in charity shops?I love a pussy bow blouse – red looks great on you. Love the shoes! BTW I think my boyfriend is paler tah you.

  4. Hi there-wow, that is a fabulous outfit, I so love the skirt but the blouse is just gorgeous, I really am coveting a pussy bow blouse in purple or lilac! Great look and prices, well done!!

  5. Well, i love pale. It looks so much more chic. Unfortunately i only have to peek out the window at the sun and i get a tan :(Adore the russet-y red colour of that shirt. And that has to be one of the most perfect midi skirts, super flattering shape…gorgeous!

  6. I love the length of the skirt- very in and MadMen! Perfectly matched with the blouse.. You just generally remind me of Mad Men stylish women- I think it's the red hair- you're rocking it! 🙂

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