"Does Jaeger look better, or have I been with those women too long?"

Can you remember when Jaeger wasn’t quite so cool? 

When I was a child when my mother had a designer dress agency, and I associated the concept of ‘fashion’ with the glitzy women who shopped there. They wore off-the-shoulder batwing t-shirts in taupe and silver, had ash-blonde streaks in their hair, and wore bold earrings in gold and primary brights. (I should mention that it was the ’80s, when I regularly wore cycling shorts – we all lived and learnt, didn’t we?) I became aware of the name Jaeger around this time, and like most people came to imagine that their clothes were for stuffy, middle-aged women.

Since seeing their A/W 2010 collection, that theory has been throughly eradicated.

It’s no secret that Jaeger’s reputation has been on the up in recent times; particularly since the introduction of Boutique by Jaeger, by all accounts a great success with the younger customer. 
Take a look at these items, and see if you can understand the appeal…

There are some lovely touches: the toffee-coloured velvet on this classic dress; the leather lapels on the jacket.

I always feel elegant in a blouse, and the colour palette on this one gives it a touch of quirkiness. All you’d need with the dress is a pair of ankle boots.

Fans of velvet need look no further for their fix…

I love the subtlety of the lace in these trousers – and these shoes could almost give Camilla Skovgaard a run for her money.

See what I mean? Flattering ladylike dresses, beautiful silk blouses and some sleek tailoring. I wondered at first if it appeals just because I’m getting older – if I’m simply becoming more conservative. Maybe that’s true, to some extent. But whatever the cause, I have begun to crave clothes that make me feel comfortable and chic, and all these items appeal to that need. Most importantly, all the classic pieces have subtle touches that keep them just this side of fashionable…

What do you think? Have any labels made you rethink your opinions?


7 thoughts on “"Does Jaeger look better, or have I been with those women too long?"

  1. I always think of jaeger as good quality more than trend. But then again, after what you have shown us it seems to have both.Thank you for sharing and have a super Sunday.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx

  2. Totally!!!!They've slowly morphed into classic with an edge. I'm head over heels about the leather lapel blazer…and i've forked out for their AW catwalk hat already.They're definitely on my radar. I just need more spends!!

  3. Gorgeous picks – like you I also thought they were a bit stuffy but they have turned that around in the last couple of years. I find them a bit pricey though even the younger line and I find their sizing is on the big side. Love those velvet pieces – if yellow suited me I'd be all over that little strapless number.

  4. Jaeger was just awful in the 80s and 90s, but they have had a total revamp and I love most of their things now (that jacket with the leather lapels is gorgeous). I didn't like their SS11 collection, but knowing me will probably have changed my mind by the time it comes ot that time of year!

  5. Oh yeah they have totally upped their fashion anti since they started showing at LFW. I have quite a few pieces so does my mum – they also have a really bargainous Outlet section on their website!!

  6. i was smiling at the way you described the glitzy women and it struck a chord with me when you mentioned batwing tees (i love them!). .i have never thought of Jaegar as anything but cool because i only discovered it last year. there's this street in cambridge with ghost, jaegar, jigsaw, reiss and all sorts of labels that i love that i'd saunter into just to relax myself. . and well, i wish jaegar wasn't quite so pricey.as for brands that make me 'rethink', i think it was this shoe brand back in singapore called charles & keith. back in the day it used to have really ugly designs, and one day, it seemed as though the designer from my favourite shoe store had been poached because said shoe brand's designs became atrocious whilst c&k improved by leaps and bounds.i guess, it's the same ol' story that a brand has to constantly evolve.

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