Friend Friday: Mrs Bossa in 10 Random Facts.

For this week’s Friend Friday, organised by the lovely Kate from Modly Chic, we were asked to give our readers ten facts about ourselves. Up to press I haven’t ‘given’ much of myself on Mrs Bossa Does the Do, so here I go – with bated breath… 

1) When I was 6 years old my main ambition was to be the youngest ever published author. I read the Garden Gang at the time, written by 7 year-old Jayne Fisher, and thought I could do better…! Years later I wrote a complete horror novel and a ‘humorous’ novel inspired by Trainspotting. Both awful, might I add.

Grace Grape was a bit sexy, wasn’t she?!
2) I have a shark phobia. Most people aren’t keen, I know, but my fear meant I couldn’t get in a bath for years…!

3) I’ve done a parachute jump. It was completely out of character – no-one was more surprised than me – but one of the best feelings EVER.

4) I can do the complete rap of ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ by Salt ‘n’ Pepa. No other comment necessary, I feel.

5) I used to do weekly dancing competitions. You know the type: fake tan, sequins, backcombed hair…it’s probably just as well I couldn’t find a photo. I was once in a team called ‘Primitive Desire’, where we wore tiger print and thongs. I was 11.

6) I adore Jewish music, particularly Klezmer (the frantic stuff people can’t help but dance to) and Sephardic/Ladino.

7) Last year I was an au pair. One of THE toughest jobs I’ve ever done – kudos to you mothers!! I will always love that child though – my maternal instinct has been on overdrive ever since.

8) I occasionally ‘tread the boards’, as the saying goes. I once even made it on to the cover of Amateur Stage!! What an irresistible taste of fame!

9) I can rarely listen to cello music without crying. I used to play, but not well enough to make people cry…

10) I am a total Lord of the Rings geek. I could talk about it for ages. This guy helped:

I’m not as bad as some, but I do know some Elvish phrases…What? Come back!!!


9 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Mrs Bossa in 10 Random Facts.

  1. LOL I remember when 'Let's Talk About Sex' first came out on the radio. I was of course forbidden to listen to it, but I'm pretty sure I could sing most of the lyrics even now. – Katy

  2. LOL! What fab answers! And WOW to Q. No. 8 – amazing cover! Do you still do those kind of productions? What a fantastic art to be involved in.

  3. OMG the garden gang I had those books!!!!!!!!!!!! I always hated Grapes nose LOL!I can also confess to something – I can rap the enire Snoop Dog Doggy Style albulm explicit lyrics and all – people often regret putting my name up for karaoke!

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