O vintage shops, how you call to me, call to me…

You know how it is. 

You hit the town, telling yourself you can only justify buying something practical – in this case, a black cardigan. But after two hours of listlessly rifling through uninspiring dark knitwear, you get bored. “This isn’t what shopping is about!” you exclaim to yourself. Then your eye is drawn to something in Yves Klein blue. Something silk. The practical black cardigan couldn’t be further from your mind as you race to claim this dress as your own…

This is the way it went for me, at Dirty Blonde vintage shop in Stoke Newington. I have to say, they had some really special items, including an entire colour spectrum of dresses, and a beautiful array of silk shirts. As you know from my one of my last posts, I have a thing for silk at the moment, and when it’s such a stunning colour, and it fits…well, how was I expected to resist? 
The shoe boots are M&S Autograph, via Oxfam.
The drape and folds are beautiful.
So, no black cardigan then. But at least I’m not a selfish spendthrift; I also managed to nab a fabulous BCBG skirt in orange leather for my sister’s birthday present…
So, dear readers, do you think I’ve been naughty or nice? 
Which shops always manage to weaken your resolve?


12 thoughts on “O vintage shops, how you call to me, call to me…

  1. Oooooooh! What a gorgeous dress, I'm so glad you weren't sensible (although I think buying something lovely that really suits you is always sensible). And blue is perfect for your hair colour.

  2. `i'm so glad you didn't resist the call of that dress. .it is fabulous. besides, who needs a black cardi when something like that shows up. i'm sure you have enough sensible practical pieces– who cares if they ain't this season– which gives you purrfect reason to indulge in these pieces!

  3. Hi my dear-you scored brilliantly in my opinion, the dress is a stunning treasure, well done and I love the leather skirt too!! xx

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