Mrs Bossa Cringes at Vogue.

In a recent post, Penny Dreadful asked her readers for advice on which magazine subscription to buy, and it got me thinking about the reasons for my own choices. Much to people’s amusement – and my frugal grandmother’s horror – I now get Elle, Vogue, InStyle and Harper’s, and love getting them in the post (apart from when the subscriber cover is inferior – Elle, I’m talking to you).  

InStyle’s cute ‘Ways to Style the New A-Line’

There’s no denying that each one ‘reaches a part that others can’t reach’ – for example, I love InStyle’s ‘Your Look’, where they style up key pieces for the season (above) – but I recommended Vogue. As the first fashion magazine I ever bought, and the one I find the most ‘aspirational’, it still feels like a luxury buy, a real treat. 

The first ever Vogue I bought. Remember this skirt?!

While looking at November’s issue, however, I had to laugh to myself at the sheer drama of some of the writing:

Steady on now! She’s a lovely-looking girl, I agree, but rein it in…

Do you read Vogue? What do you love, or hate about it?! What do you like about the other glossies?


9 thoughts on “Mrs Bossa Cringes at Vogue.

  1. Hahaha – they all do it. I've even noticed the same kind of gushing idiocy in the Times Style magazine! Whatever happened to just talking sensibly about the clothes?Still trying to decide on my magazine as opinion was divided – I'm going to do a 'test run' this weekend by buying them all and seeing which one I like best x

  2. I buy all those 4 too. Vogue irritates me as it never has anything to actually read, I really love the Emma Watson cover this month though. I prefer the writing in Ella and the styling in HB In Style I just like LOL. Sometimes I have to buy the US editions too as I read them so quickly. Love Grazia too!

  3. Yes, i do read Vogue. Vogue and pretty much nothing else. I try to get everyone so i can keep them for my daughter, when she's older. I think they'll be great to look back on in 20 years time.My friend and i call Vogue 'The book of unhappinesss'! Full of things we can't have and worn by creatures we've no ope of looking like….BUT i enjoy it really 😉

  4. It's meant to be sooouberdramatic.. it's as though they are upping the scales with every successive writer and article! Makes me laugh though, as I envision some video playing in my head.Sometimes I read Vogue, but what I really hate about glossies is the feeling of emptiness after I put it down. You pore from cover to cover, but somehow you go, "that's all!?"

  5. LOL! I had the same reaction reading that article. They did a similar thing on an article about Cate Blanchett – wonder if it was the same writer.I should subscribe like you have – I buy and read Vogue, Harpers and Elle monthly and would save quite a bit if I just bit the bullet and did it. You are right that just one alone doesn't fill in all the gaps and each publication has a feature that has something good to offer in terms of fashion advice and inspiration.

  6. I wish I could afford to get some subscriptions again. i used to get Elle, Cosmopolitan, Scarlet and Empire. They have all ended and sadly at the moment I cant afford to resubscribe. I am hoping on xmas money!! lol. My problem with them is that you only get a handful of actual articles and editorials and a million adverts. Its somewhat disappointing! Daisy Dayz HomeCross-Jones-Photography Home

  7. I do read Vogue. I also get Glamour and Marie Claire, as well as some other genres of magazines. I enjoy looking at the photography and reading some of the articles, but there are a lot of things that turn me off about the writing and tone of a number of the articles.

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