Snood Operator…

I’ve been really busy lately (planning sneaky bits of feminist activism amongst other things), but when I got a sudden windfall, I managed to shoehorn in a quick shopping trip to buy some ‘practical items’. Now, I don’t have the best track record in this area – I cave in when faced with temptation, as I mentioned in a previous post – but I have to say I’m quite proud of my efforts this time; sensible brogues, a chic winter coat and…a snood. This snood is my new favourite possession.

When the temperature drops, I’ve always found it hard to stay warm and feel ‘cool’, but this winter seems to be the first in ages where it’s possible to do both. I’m sure by now you’ve chosen your winter coat – did you give in to camel or shearling? – but what about your poor extremities? Come and look at my ASOS plunder…

First up: hats. Not many hats fit me – the double curse of having a big head and bigger hair – so when I find one I like I believe in going wild. Don one of these babies and feel all Russian:

If they’re a bit much, how about this chic little number? Elegant, retro, and keeps your ears warm.

And speaking of ears…you remember your earmuffs from childhood, don’t you? Mine were rubbish – didn’t stay on my head at all or keep me particularly warm. Well, may I now introduce you to the mother of all earmuffs – and, incidentally, the only thing made by UGG that I’ve ever wanted:

So that’s head and ears sorted then. But what about chests? Many of the sleek new coats on the high street have a deep v-neck, which makes scarves all the more important. Forget your knitted numbers, however – faux fur is much more elegant:

If you can find an item that keeps both your neck and your hands warm, then so much the better:

This item also doubles up; it’ll keep you snug and help you recover from that nasty neck sprain:

Maybe, in this busy day and age, you can’t be bothered faffing about with scarf and a hat – what a drag, right?! Well this is where my newly-beloved snoods come into play. Mine was a bargain purchase from Primark (£4 again) but if you had a bit more cash to splash, you could plump for something a tad more luxurious…

Or perhaps cute is more your thing? These pompoms should do the trick:

Cheer up, love. Your winterwear is fun!

But for those of us that really feel the cold (can I hear snorts of disgust from Sweden?!), how about this? (I suspect it’d have the added effect of making people want to hug you all the time, so that might swing it either way for you).

As for hands and feet. Well. I’ve long given up hope of ever owning the Burberry shearling boots. One of my current faves is a pair of Fairisle socks. However, take advice from one who knows – don’t wear these with brogues unless you’re on your way to the 18th hole.

My other favourites are grey socks. They may not sound exciting, but they allow you to get more mileage out of your strappy shoes (see below), keep your ankles warm when wearing peg trousers, and give a sly nod to Prada. What more could you ask from such a modest garment?

If you’re looking for warmth, you may want to cover your thighs too.

Mittens make me feel like a kid, unfortunately, whereas most gloves (leather excepted) make me feel too old for my years. Which is why I’ve decided to forget gloves and grab a muffler. Cute yet classy, it may be the only winter accessory that you can wear with a pesky cape and keep your lipstick in.

Comes in two colours – great for twins who want to avoid a fashion faux pas.

How do you tread the line between cosy and chic? 
Which is the first to go – fashion or the flush of warmth?

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11 thoughts on “Snood Operator…

  1. this whole post is incredible! I love it! I have both a pair of earmuffs and a hooded scarf with poms just like the ones from asos. I love the Russian hats and the capes. I'm not really into the faux fur around the neck so much for me but it's a cute look for some girls. I love your brogues and your coat! This post makes me feel a little less glum about the soon-approaching winter ;)! xx

  2. Oh I so need a snood! You look so warm and cosy in it and on top of it very stylish. I am freezing and yes I hear you all the way on how looking cool and keeping warm can be difficult. I have to say that fashion gets tossed out before warmth for me most of the time. I'm hoping I won't do that so much this year but we'll see. I love that you put up some tsarina-esque fur hats – I have a pink one I was never too sure about that I wore because its so warm and now I shall wear it with pride.Love your blue coat. No new coat for me, niether camel nor shearling. Reverting to old ones.

  3. I always keep my neck warm, so I carry a big black scarf with me that sometimes becomes a hat. Spain is not a country of hats.Un abrazo.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Thanks for your comments, its hard keeping up with blog reading sometimes isn't it. Just have to say, I am sooooo not a natural – I've started to learn some tricks on how to stand etc, but mostly I just take LOADS of photos and delete all the bad ones!

  5. Hi there-you look lovely in the snood! Great picks here, I just got a russian style faux fur hat at the charity shop yesterday, I'm loving anything furry this season! xx

  6. Such a great post title he he! Love the snood, I have a selection of snoods, hats and scarves. I have so many pairs of earmuffs too I cant coe without them x

  7. This is great winter inspiration. Asos has some great stuff right now. That scarf that also has the pockets is seriously calling my name! I love it.

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