Mrs Bossa is in Links à la Mode…again!

It’s great to be in another auspicious line-up – click here or the link below to read the original post, and scroll down to read the whole lot!

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All Kinds of Everything

Edited by: Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie
There’s such lovely variation amongst the links submitted this week. We are fashion bloggers- of course we like things that are pretty things from expensive handbags to quirky DIY jewelry- but the dedication to great content and a passion for good causes is what really stands out with this week’s posts.

Links à la Mode; December 9th

  • 55th Street: A new take on Street Style through my eyes
  • Analogue Chic: Drama with my mama: being my mom’s personal stylist.
  • Any Second Now: Remembering the fashion of 1980’s Duran Duran and how it inspired a fashion pictorial that includes giant Rubik’s Cubes. Gotta love the 80’s!
  • ashley4emergy: Tea Party and Vintage Fashion Exhibit with Socialite Ms. Lana Turner!
  • Awakened Aesthetic: Six Impossible Things…by BirdQueen Designs.
  • Big Girls Browse: Dressember begins – a different dress every day for the whole of December
  • Broke & Beautiful: Jeffrey Campbell goes pink…but for what cause?
  • de la pen: Balenciaga: The Spanish Master by Hamish Bowles
  • For Those About to Shop: Callous comments can be life-threatening
  • Haute World: Not your average designer collaboration: Fashion giants show their charitable side by creating dolls for UNICEF
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Tips for Holiday Gift Guides & Giveaways
  • Intrinsically Florrie: On DIY customising my own unique rings
  • lowefactor: Ever notice why pre-fall collections get lost in the holiday shopping press shuffle?
  • Lust Love Lose: An easy guide to applying red lipstick that will last all day.
  • Mrs Bossa: Blogs with Soul: Mrs Bossa raises a glass to the talent of the blogging community
  • Oranges and Apples: Interview and GIVEAWAY with photographer and jewelry designer Marie Bee of the Blue Balloon
  • Pocket Rocket Fashion: Debating with fashion photographer Diana Thompson the problems of plus fashion brands using models smaller than their range to promote them.
  • Searching for Style: Fashion 101: Why Luxury is Expensive. The making of an Hermès bag.
  • STREET STYLE: PICS BY POLKA DOT: One woman’s journey to get credit for a piece Spanish Elle did using her photographs without her knowledge, or consent. A cautionary tale!
  • The Coveted: Winter Vacation Tory Burch Resort 2011
  • two for the clothes: Our second “Freaky Friday” post, in which her outfit for him turns out badly.
  • The Fashion Pawn: What a business card can do for you


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Blogs with Soul…

…Or: Mrs Bossa Bigs up her Fellow Bloggers!

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I’ve just checked my blog roll, and I’m signed up for over 80 feeds. That’s a lot – maybe less than some, but still a lot. Lately I discovered more blogs I want to subscribe to, but suddenly it felt a little overfacing. I’ll be honest: it stopped me enjoying it so much – like having tons of clothes, but feeling like you’ve nothing to wear. I know I chose to subscribe to all these, and that I don’t have to read them all…but if I received 80+ emails a day I think my brain would go into some kind of topspin.

Something needed to be done, my friends.

When I first started blogging, I subscribed to the ‘Biggies’, what I saw as the blog ‘style staples’…you know the ones I mean – the ones with VIP invitations, and hundreds of comments. It felt like an exciting foray into the world of fashion blogs. It was! Then one day it didn’t feel like enough – I felt as though I was ‘dressed’ like everyone else. I needed more interesting cuts, more quirks and colour. I started looking more closely at the people who were commenting; their blogs and the people who were interacting with them. (I discovered Make Do Style while scouting for Jess Cartner-Morley outfit pics!) My web grew. I signed up for International Fashion Bloggers, and it grew some more. Friend Friday introduced me to still more talented and entertaining people…and it continues to do so. 

Yet now I find that my interest in the bigger blogs has waned. This is no criticism of them, might I add – just that I’ve started taking real pleasure in reading posts by people I can relate to, people whose lives and size of readership feel a little like mine. People whose blogs I comment on, and get a response from – even if it’s a simple “thanks for visiting!” I suppose I’m talking about the interaction; those cyber-conversations I never anticipated but which bring the most enjoyment – the ones that really make me think, often make me laugh…and even give me styling tips.

Ok, pull it up a bit, Mrs Bossa!

I’m afraid I might be veering onto slightly sentimental terrain here, but I really want to get this across. When I read through the posts written by my fellow Links à la Mode-rs, I got a jolt. The world would have it that the net is flooded with identikit bloggers, but in some ways this is misleading: in the 77 total entries for LalM alone, the array of styles, topics and voices was damned impressive. Pearl from Fashion Pearls of Wisdom summed it up perfectly on Style Eyes’ comment page: she said she ‘liked blogs with soul where you can get to know the blogger‘, and I have to say I agree. (Pearl’s, of course, is one of them.)

So I had a Blog Cull. Sounds brutal, and it was. It was almost like clearing out my wardrobe, only When did I last wear this? Does it still suit me? became When did I last look at this? Does it still interest me? Some were ditched altogether, some were put on the ‘review’ pile. Sentimentality held no sway. I went for quality, not quantity. And what do you know? As soon as I did it, I felt better. I may be a streamlining geek, but it’s paid off: my blog roll has nothing on it that I feel I should read, and everything on it that I want to read. It feels like there’s enough room for new acquisitions. I look forward to clicking every link, knowing that I’ll have an interest in the post that appears  – and unlike a wardrobe overhaul, I have been able to keep certain ‘items’ just because I like them

So this unashamedly earnest post is to some of my fellow bloggers – a virtual toast, if you like: thanks for being like the ‘one-offs’ in my wardrobe, the cunning finds, the surprise fits, the statement pieces and the beautiful bargain buys… It’s great to feel I always have ‘something to wear’.

Here’s to Blogs with Soul!

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Mrs Bossa is in Links à la Mode!

I’m thrilled to discover that my recent post for Be Fabulous Daily has been selected as one of Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links à la Mode. I’m definitely not surprised to see that my guest blogger Cynthia’s excellent post has also been selected in the round-up – click here or the link below to have a read.


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It Gets Better

Edited by: The Sunday Best

As  we head full on into the “holiday” season, with its unbridled  consumerism, endless head-whacking charity pleas, and weird tie-ins, I  expected the links list to be inundated with shopping guides. Instead,  many dealt with what can only be considered harassment or, terribly,  abuse; several looked at blogging as a cathartic experience, others as a  rallying cry. I was lucky enough to be raised in an openly affectionate  household with two strong female presences in my mother and sister, and  this has undoubtedly affected my manner and attitudes as a married man.  Since I can’t go around changing men and society, no matter how cool  that superpower would be, I offer this reminder, in what I believe is  the spirit of the season (when that spirit is allowed to express itself  unfettered): respect is the bare minimum we owe each other, and the bare  minimum we should expect from others. Respect is not necessarily  agreement, but it is always acknowledgment. For those who are struggling  this season–financially, emotionally, physically–I can only echo the  words of Tim Gunn, George Takei, and others when I say, “It gets  better.” Happy Holidays.

Links à la Mode: December 2


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Needed: Help with Harems…

Well, reader, I did it. 

Ignoring my cautious conscience (and the snide comments of Mr Bossa, might I add) I daringly purchased a pair of harem trousers. In grey velvet. I drooled over these in an ASOS Revive post back in September, and, riding high on my recent tax refund, decided to bite the bullet. Only now they are hanging in my wardrobe, unworn and as yet unloved. 

I love them, they’re my thing, let it go.

This weekend I tried them with a figure-skimming black Uniqlo jacket, but it was too long, and played havoc with my proportions. Not one to fall at the first hurdle, I turned optimistically to the ‘Your Look’ section of January’s InStyle. “This being a season of velvet,” I thought, “there’s bound to be advice on styling up my harems.” To no avail. Eight different ways to wear lace, yes, but not a sniff of velvet. 

So at the risk of turning myself into a giant paper dress-up doll, I turn to you, my favourite fashionistas, and ask – how would YOU style these trousers?! 
Hit me with colour, shoe and silhouette suggestions…please.

Which items in your wardrobe have you struggled to style? 
Did you give up, or get help?!