Needed: Help with Harems…

Well, reader, I did it. 

Ignoring my cautious conscience (and the snide comments of Mr Bossa, might I add) I daringly purchased a pair of harem trousers. In grey velvet. I drooled over these in an ASOS Revive post back in September, and, riding high on my recent tax refund, decided to bite the bullet. Only now they are hanging in my wardrobe, unworn and as yet unloved. 

I love them, they’re my thing, let it go.

This weekend I tried them with a figure-skimming black Uniqlo jacket, but it was too long, and played havoc with my proportions. Not one to fall at the first hurdle, I turned optimistically to the ‘Your Look’ section of January’s InStyle. “This being a season of velvet,” I thought, “there’s bound to be advice on styling up my harems.” To no avail. Eight different ways to wear lace, yes, but not a sniff of velvet. 

So at the risk of turning myself into a giant paper dress-up doll, I turn to you, my favourite fashionistas, and ask – how would YOU style these trousers?! 
Hit me with colour, shoe and silhouette suggestions…please.

Which items in your wardrobe have you struggled to style? 
Did you give up, or get help?!


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