Studio 54 is alive and well…in Stockport.

And what did you do for New Year? Did you party like it was 1999, or laze around in loungewear?

As our various plans fell through, Mr Bossa and I decided to make a night of it in our humble abode. Our dining room resembled a modest charcuterie – much to Mr Bossa’s approval – and a nice Côtes du Rhône lent a certain sophistication to the occasion (at least after I’d ditched my pyjamas for a vintage dress). Mr Bossa proved to be an excellent DJ, and by the time the champagne cork popped we were grooving away to early 80s New York disco…

One of the many Polaroid cameras came out, and even Mr Bossa decided to scrub up for the occasion. I’m biased, of course – and he’ll hate me for saying this – but I think he looks very handsome in his Harris tweed.

Diggin’ the suede patches, Mr B.

I ain’t miserable – I’m brooding…

Loved the pussybow and flared chiffon sleeves on this dress.
It was a fabulous night – my only regret was that I didn’t take photos of my thigh-high red suede boots before the colour film ran out…
Anyway: a Happy New Year to you all. All I seem to do lately is raise a glass to people…but I have high hopes for 2011! 

24 thoughts on “Studio 54 is alive and well…in Stockport.

  1. mr bossa looks very dapper and you lady look every inch the smouldering studio 54 queen! Loving the chiffon and VERY curious now about these amazing boots. Perhaps you could include them in another post, i’m itching to see them 😉

  2. sounds like you had a groovy start to the year mrs bossa, and did your dress stayed fastened! well done, no shocks for the elderly, or the dawg…. xx

  3. Studio 54 indeed! I like the vintage dress, the sultry black and white pics (polaroids are great fun) and I agree Mr B looks sharp in Harris Tweed. You’ll have to feature these thigh high red boots in another post soon!

  4. Hi there! Thank you for your comment over on my blog. I appreciate you stopping by! Hope you had a fabulous NYE and have a great 2011.


  5. Love the dress, and I do like to see a man in tweed. We had a night in too, just with a few friends. I can’t abide the crowds on NYE! Happy 2011 🙂 xx

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