Jennifer Aniston: the Loungewear Lolita?

So Rachel Aniston says she hated ‘The Rachel’, the hairstyle copied by millions. Can’t say I blame you, Ms A – I’m sick of versions of that cut being forced on me years later. In the light of such an albatross round one’s neck, I can understand the need for experimentation, and clipping in bangs is a sure-fire way to get a different look. But in this recent Allure photoshoot, I can’t help feeling that the coolness of the style has been somewhat undermined by the nauseating Lolita-esque undertones

A teddybear? Really? Come on now.

A pout and an eerily vacant expression…is this the canny Jennifer Aniston that people know and love?

Ok, this one isn’t in the final shoot…but she still looks like a child being made up by Mommy.

What do you think of Jen’s photoshoot?
Is it creepy or clever? Smart or sinister?


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