Mrs B's Benedictine-Fuelled Birthday Bash.

I promised I would post a picture of my 30th knees-up…and I’ve stretched it to five pictures! The dress was carefully donned, the Big Band music played – and the my sister and I scattered gold balloons round about. I had the pre-requisite Party Nerves, but after a couple of well-deserved glasses of Bénédictine I was fine. Not that Mrs Bossa condones excessive drinking, children, so don’t try that at home.
These are the best photos I have of my dress, and there are none – NONE – of my shoes. Blame that on Mr Bossa and his late arrival…

Clapping at my dad’s speech.

I hoped I danced more sexily than that…but never mind.
My sister, looking lovely.
For those of you who don’t know, Bénédictine is a French liqueur traditionally served with ice. Burnley men got a taste for it in the Normandy trenches during World War I, and passed on their love of it on returning home. “Bene ‘n’ hot” is still the drink of choice for many at this bar, which is the single biggest outlet for the liqueur…IN THE WORLD. The Independent called this a “rare bacchanalian claim to fame“, which I think may be the most highbrow phrase I’ve ever heard associated with my ex-mining home town.
It is good.
Mrs B and her Bene. They keep hot water on the bar.

Closer still to my dress. The pewter and silver beading was beautiful.

I want to thank all my blogging buddies for your birthday wishes, too. Imagine what the photos would’ve been like if I could have invited you!!


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