Mrs Bossa Gets a Makeover.

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Well. The other day I cast a critical eye over the old blog. I thought, “This design just ain’t ‘doing the do‘.” I decided it needed a sleeker feel, a bit of streamlining, a cheeky je ne sais quoi…and some shoes in the header, of course.

And here it is! 

Aside from some cosmetic changes, I’ve also done a bit of reorganising. You can now ‘hook up’ with me via several social networking media by clicking the icons under my photo, or subscribe by email on the left there.

Click to become a ‘fan’ of MBDTD on Facebook.
The links to my post archive and blogroll are now above the header, on their very own pages. And, should you enjoy anything you read on Mrs Bossa Does the Do, you can now share my posts in a variety of ways, using the ‘sexy bookmarks’ at the bottom of each post (if librarians could think of their own ‘sexy bookmarks’ I suspect the future of public libraries might be more secure…)

So much for the aesthetics. I’ve also decided to have a rethink as regards content, but that’ll have to remain on a low simmer for the time being. I’m looking forward to an exciting and potentially inspiring collaboration with some fellow (feminist) bloggers, so keep your ears to the ground, my friends, keep your ears to the ground. More on that later in the month.

What kind of posts do you associate with Mrs Bossa? 
What posts do you think work best? 
And what would you like to see more of? 


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