Friend Friday: Colour Wars.

This week’s Friend Friday is all about colour – and let’s face it, those of us enduring the dismal days in the UK need an injection of vibrancy. I for one am very excited about the upcoming colour-blocking trend; I loved the collections at Gucci and especially Aquilano.Rimondi – I haven’t been so behind a trend since Prada’s Spring 2000 collection (the one with all the pleated skirts and ostrich skin). So put on your shades, people…and off we go!

What colour dominates your closet? 

It used to be black, but after succumbing to pressure I began to branch out into jewel tones: emerald, plum, deep sapphire… I found that wearing them on my bottom half made the transition a whole lot less scary.

Love pink and red together.
I would never wear pastels, white, or neon colours…and neutrals sap all the colour out of my already-pale skin.

If money weren’t an issue how would you change the colour emphasis in your closet?

This used to be an entirely black selection. Can’t believe I own that much pink…

I have become obsessed with cobalt and Yves Klein-esque blues. They are stunning shades, and they make my hair look redder – it’s a win win situation chez Bossa. I have a coat, jumpers, skirts…and of course my beloved vintage silk dress:

So if I had a real influx of cash, it’s most likely that I continue to turn my world blue. Or dip my toe into the neon pond by investing in a pair of this season’s Miu Miu shoes.

What is your mantra about mixing colours? 
For me, it’s got to be all-black or multiple jewel colours. I love tan leather with everything. As for what one shouldn’t wear…try as I might, I find it difficult to wear any combination of black, brown and navy, which is a total leftover from my very colour-conscious mother.  

Plum, navy, forest green, tan. My kinda combo.

For you, how do you incorporate colour into your outfits? 
If I’m feeling brave I will wear multiple colours together. If I’m feeling slightly less brave I’ll pop on a pair of coloured tights. If I’m all-out chicken I’ll perk it up with a necklace or some shoes…

Which blogger(s) do you think do a good job of incorporating colour into their wardrobe? 
Without a doubt: Franca, of Oranges and Apples. Her colour choices are fabulous, quirky and brave. Every outfit post makes me want to applaud. She is, also in my opinion, the mistress of coloured tights; she almost tempted me to buy some orange ones the other day. Don’t fret, my dears – I said almost…

Franca, my Colour Guru: and these are some of the lower-key outfits…
What about you, fellow fashionistas? 
How does colour feature in your wardrobe?  

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39 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Colour Wars.

  1. I adore colour, as you know πŸ™‚ You look so good in red and blue, I think we might have the same colour range. And I am so jealous of your red boots, they are perfect! Also, I actually DO have a pair of orange tights πŸ˜‰

  2. Your love for jewel tones is perfection–and that blue is very stunning. I agree–more blue would work so well on you.

    As can be immediately seen in my current 30 for 30 attempt, my winter wardrobe is mainly made up of black, grey, and denim. Other basic colors like brown leather, blue, and white pop up. I love red for accents, but most of my color can be found in my scarf collection. If I could adjust anything, it would be finding more red statement garment pieces, then adding a lot of white, grey, and black (solids and patterns) for spring and summer. My warm-weather pieces are fairly chaotic in terms of color, and I don’t like this (although I wouldn’t give up the clothes).

    • You have a beautifully tasteful collection of clothes – and I think black, grey and denim looks yet more chic when you go for quality, which you obviously do. I’ll certainly raise my glass to red statement pieces, though!

    • “The dark side” – love it!

      I’m certainly happy I embraced cobalt. It’s not to say I never wear black…in fact, it’s still a fallback position if I’m having a self-conscious day. But that’s a rubbish reason to wear it!

  3. Mine consists of quite neutral colours with odd splash of cobalt blue which I love with white jeans in summer. I love pink and red together but would probably only wear it in a floral print at my age!

  4. You have a lovely palette of colors in your wardrobe, and the shoes are all darling. I don’t wear enough color, but when I do, it’s dark blue or red, hot pink or purple, and once in awhile a pop of green or yellow.

  5. I’m all about bright colors right now…pinks, oranges, and yellows. Black/grey pretty much dominate my wardrobe due to work, and the fact that I can’t wait for spring to get here is another reason why. I absolutely LOVE the blue dress!! It’s gorgeous!!

    • Red and green?! You’re a braver woman than I thought, Kate. I have to say, I love that yellow jumper you put on your blog recently – wish I could get away with that shade…

  6. I think it’s funny how many people are saying “well, I used to wear all black, but…”

    From your closet, it looks like you and I probably have pretty similar “color habits”. Except I don’t have as many colored shoes!

  7. After I answered the FBFF color questions and reading some of bloggers’ answers, I went out in an “adventure” to buy coloured tights. I bought blue and purple, but OMG, wearing them is an entirely different story. I need to have that courage and “who cares” kinda attitude to sport them. I haven’t found them yet so the tights are still sitting in my drawers 😦

    • That’s always been my trouble, Mari. I have it in my head they need to ‘go’ with something. I think the only way round it is to give yourself a daily dose of Franca’s blog – she’s a natural!

  8. coloured tights must be the easiest way to wear colour surely! But this is coming from the person who has only ONE pair of black tights… and alternates between purples, violets, pinks, oranges, reds and a single pair of turquoise tights (plus navy and grey)….on my legs! I only really struggle to wear a shade of Lego blue tights that don’t seem to go with anything…. Yay for colour though!

  9. That shade of blue is perfect with your hair. The colours in my wardrobe change depending on my hair colour. My hair is currently plum and golden brown, so I’ve been embracing the greens, navy, shades of brown, and teal. Of course, there is always room in the closet for some black, which goes with every hair colour!

    • I know, that’s the trouble! I wish black did nothing for me, then I wasn’t tempted to wear it as a safe option. The colour palette you describe sounds delicious though – must be interesting to have a rethink when your hair colour changes!

  10. Finally getting a chance to comment! Jewel tones are definitely great for you, and you have the most amazing shoe collection!

    Though I still think you should get those orange tights πŸ˜‰

    p.s. how did you get that sharing is sexy thing? It looks so much nicer than mine!

    • I probably will get some orange tights, you know. One day… *gazes mistily into the distance* I actually tried pink, orange and blood red as a colour combo this weekend – you’d have been proud of me.

      Thanks for the shoes comment – it was hard for me to pick just six – my yellow mock-crocs were most put out.

      p.s. the sharing is sexy thing was the bane of my life – I shall send you the codes if I can follow the trail back…!

  11. I don’t really think about it that much but I’m not a fan of color overload in one outfit. I mean sure, it’s fun to wear something bright&colorful once in a while πŸ™‚ but I think I’m more of a fan of neutral and soft colors. I do agree with that electric blue color you love, it’s stunning!

  12. You have chosen a great colour to become ‘obsessed’ with because blue looks amazing on you and without fawning (!) yes, the hair colour is the cherry on top πŸ™‚

  13. At the risk of sounding like a total copycat, with no original opinions, I feel like everything you said came right out of my own mouth!
    I tend to always wear black, but in the last year Ive been brightening it all up with bright tights or cardigans, which is fun because I actually quite like color blocking, pink tights, black dress, purple cardi.. you get the idea!
    tan leather is my absolute fav, which is why I have too many tan boots and bags and belts.. oops.
    The only thing I do like that you dont, is neutrals. I love soft browns, pale greys and white, even though Im hopeless with all white clothing. (ill have it destroyed in less than a week)

    • That’s part of my problem with white – I love its clean look…but it doesn’t stay that way for long.

      Love the idea of pink tights, black dress and purple cardi – yesterday I wore blue tights and a green cardi with my black dress. And I tweeted Franca to ask if she was proud of me…geek!

      • Ya black is just an easy base. that said yesterday i wore a red pinafore with black tights and a black cardi, so it works both ways! I bought a creamy aran cardi when I was in London, which was last week. I inspected it this morning to find a coffee? stain on the back. The back?! How the F did I do that? Its a talent.Ah twitter, Im starting to get addicted to it now.. (uh oh)

        Jessica Robinson

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