Calling All (Feminist) Fashion Bloggers…!

Are you a feminist? Do you feel like like sticking your head above the parapet to say so? Then read on…

Recently, The Citizen Rosebud asked “Where are the feminist fashion bloggers?” Courtney of Those Graces answered (and has developed her answer in subsequent posts). Through further discussion a few of us established a need to talk about the crossovers and conflicts between fashion and feminism. We formed Feminist Fashion Bloggers (FFB), a network for fashion bloggers interested in feminism and feminist bloggers interested in fashion. We decided that we wanted to do a blog event to coincide with Women’s History Month.

And we invite you to join in.

Show us YOUR “Fashionable Feminist”! on Wednesday 16 March

We are inviting bloggers to answer the question: How do you express your feminism in the way you dress? In the past I’ve had such thoughtful and incisive comments on a variety of fashion/feminist-related issues, and it’d be fantastic if any of you fancied taking up this challenge. Feel free to answer by outfit posts, or essay, however you see fit. 

You can sign up by replying in the comments, with your name, blog name and email address. Or, click the envelope icon under ‘Hook Up With Mrs B‘ to email me direct. If it’s not for you, I ‘ll let you know when the posts are up – and I hope you’ll chime in…

Current FFB members are: 

For those about to shop
Mrs. Bossa Does the Do
Oranges and Apples
Those Graces

For more information on other FFB events, click here, or select the FFB tab at the top of the page.


3 thoughts on “Calling All (Feminist) Fashion Bloggers…!

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