Wardrobe in a Winter, er, Wonderland…

I’m going away next weekend, for fun and frolics with the family by the sea. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well think again, bright angels, because this is the seaside in the north of England. Sea spray so harsh it exfoliates your face, winds so cold you have to eat fish and chips just to maintain a healthy body temperature. But don’t get me wrong – I am looking forward to it, and as someone who hasn’t been away for a couple of years, I am extraordinarily excited about planning my holiday wardrobe, sub-zero temperatures or no.

I think the word we’re looking for is ‘bracing’.

So. What to wear? I am not in a position to buy a new wardrobe (and let’s face it, buying denim cut-offs in July holds much more holiday promise than a waterproof cagoule at the back end of February). So, in true make-do style, I have promised myself that I will use this as an opportunity; I will wear some of the most neglected items in my wardrobe. And try not to horrify my grandmother in the process.

First off: footwear. For inspiration, I headed straight for the best: who did winter chic better than Ms Bradshaw? (stop groaning at the back – everyone’s allowed to play the Carrie card at some point in their blog’s life, surely?) I loved Carrie’s Paris wardrobe, which even managed to turn me round to over-the-knee boots. This look in particular is one of my favourites – white ankle boots, patterned dress and pink leather gloves all quirky touches to an otherwise chic and neat outfit.

Cheer up, Carrie – at least it’s not Blackpool!

Thanks to Carrie, I have decided to take… my vintage off-white shoeboots, purchased on eBay three years ago. 

Not scuffed…just previously loved!

White?! Ankle boots?! I received many a look of horror when I bought these, and I admit they’re odd, quirky little things, but styled up right I think I can pull ’em off. Or as Miranda might say, “I love them they’re my thing, let it go…”

What do we think? 
With a sneaky pair of tights and a cute little dress, do you think I’ll get away with it?

Blackpool image from RedCafe.net

Carrie image from HBO website

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