Mrs B's eBay Sale – everything under £10!

**UPDATE – a few items have sold but I’ve posted some new ones 
– click here to see my full list of items**

Hey there, chickens!

In my last post, I made passing reference to the fact that I’d cleared out most of my wardrobe. On a sudden impulse, I emptied everything I didn’t want anymore…and was left with very little. Thanks to some timely advice from Make Do Kate and Pearl, I salvaged some of it – luckily, as I seemed to be dooming myself to a lifetime of pyjama-wearing – and the rest has gone on eBay. 

Half of this lot is waiting for a good home…

Not one of these items is more than £8, and most are less than that, but I wanted to share the best of the bunch with my blogging buddies in case you are interested. I need to make a few quid, yes – but I’d be happier selling to someone I ‘know’, safe in the knowledge that they’d gone to a good home…and may even pop up in someone’s outfit post sometime!

So without further ado, here are the picks. If you are interested in anything, just click the image to go through to the eBay site (my listings here) – and feel free to email me with any questions!

* * * * * * * 

Go bold this summer with this lovely red Monsoon wrap dress:

Currently bidding at £1.20 + postage

Or plump for florals with this strapless dress:

Buy it Now – £5.00 +postage

Indulge in next season’s love affair with colour in these red high-waisted peg vintage trews:

Vintage trousers – £6.00 + postage
Look at the cute belt!
On the same vintage route: grab this fab dress – dare you to wear it with orange-red tights!

Vintage dress – £7.00 + postage
Best label EVER. Fact.

Anyone remember this photo? Well I’m selling both items – if you want em, click away:

Oui Set silk blouse – £6.00 + postage
Tweedy skirt – £5.00 + postage

I also have a slightly larger skirt in a tweedy pattern – shown here with a pussybow and cardigan:

But it Now – £4.00 + postage



H&M dress –SOLD

Blouse – SOLD


25 thoughts on “Mrs B's eBay Sale – everything under £10!

    • I don’t know. Last year I was all about the statement skirts and peg trousers, but this year I feel very uninspired! The dress is quite long, but you could probably take it up easily enough if you wanted to!

  1. I just sent you a message on ebay…. I might have to nab that shirt, as the colours are definitely calling out to me, and if it doesn’t fit, I have my gorgeous thinner friend Ashiya, who will happily wear it and give it a good home too (as much as it will pain me!) xx

  2. Mrs Bossa, you have me very intrigues about the dress! I have to wait for my payday though- this friday! So luckily it's still there 🙂

  3. Ohh, I can’t believe you’re selling such lovely things! But then again, my closet is in serious need of an overhaul as well. I do that thing where you sort of have to use your body to shove hangers aside to make room for one measly cardigan? It’s not very effective. Anyway, I love your style – everything has such character!

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