Orange IS the only fruit.

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It’s no secret that colour is gonna be big this year. So, after my recent post on wearing colour, I’ve decided to branch out.

Folks, I’m embracing orange

Jaeger AW 2011
Orange has cropped up all over the catwalks, from Jaeger to House of Holland, and although I draw the line at orange stripey socks (they are cute, mind) I do think it makes a great accent colour.

House of Holland AW 2011
Yet again, finances mean my only option is to delve into the depths of my existing wardrobe (and since I threw half of it out last night in a ‘fit of pique’, that was much easier than usual). I don’t know how I forgot about it, but I unearthed this lovely orange leather clutch that I found at a vintage shop in Prague…

Here it is again, having lunch somewhere near  Malostranská Beseda. I was a mere 23 years old…
And again, at a wedding in 2007. I look quite impish, don’t I?

So, lovely bag, never fear – you will get an airing this year. And I think it’s quite a restrained step, considering I’ve embraced it with such gusto in the past:

Mrs B as Cyndi Lauper, 2006
How will you be wearing orange this year? 
Will you be wearing orange this year?!

31 thoughts on “Orange IS the only fruit.

  1. That clutch is so much fun! I’m impressed you still have it–this is when sentiment and memories are GOOD for helping us keep things in our closets.

    I have an orange wrap dress–so I’ll definitely be wearing orange this year. I also have an orange scarf that comes out with white tops and jeans.

  2. Horrah! We can see your beautiful face! I do love orange and have rather a lot of it. I do like to match our VW campervan when we’re out and about and at festivals.
    That clutch is gorgeous. xxx

  3. Teehee, you were so cute! I love that blue coat with the orange bag at the 07 wedding, you definitely have the complexion to pull off strong colours x

  4. Ha, loving the Cindi Lauper look!! Seriously though, the other 2 pics are sooo cute. I really dont think Ive any orange in my wardrobe. And Im broke as a mofo sooo the only cheap option I have is orange nail polish (quite cute possibly?) or perhaps primark will have something affordable. Hmmm. primark trips cam be mad dangerous…

    • Yes ma’am, they can – I have resisted so far in my life. Definitely recommend going the nail varnish route – Collection 2000’s are cheap, durable, and is a fab way to roadtest the scarier hues!

  5. Hi my dear-orange is such a vibrant lovely colour for summer, your clutch is perfect for this look and I think your photos are just gorgeous too! xx

    • I have to confess that I was reading back through some of your posts, and I saw an orange dress you’d bought. I was dying to ask about it but thought it might seem a bit stalkerish! 🙂

      And I’m glad you noticed my myriad heads! xx

  6. Ahh I feel all orange too… it just feels right… and by goodness, you hit the nail on the head with the blue dress and orange clutch…. orange and blue is a divine colour combination! (p.s look at all those Mrs Bossa’s heads dotted on your blog!) I like the reference to Jeanette Winterson too xx

    • You were bound to notice Jeanette Winterson! I don’t know which is more unnerving – me cutting off my own heads, or you lot making reference to how many heads I now have!!

      But yes, I love orange and blue. I don’t know what’s come over me…

  7. Loving the clutch (and the hair!) I recently scored a bright orange cardigan in Gap outlet shop for £4, it’s cotton, three quarter sleeves and the minute the temperature in the North of England rises from sub zero i will embrace the orange

  8. Last night as I tried to recreate a look from a magazine I realized that I do not have ONE DECENT orange item in my closet ! Only a Mexican like shirt and some loafers…. I need to find an orange itemmmmmm
    BTW loving the bag and your looks wearing it.

    • Thanks, Lorena. Well I can certainly recommend a clutch. If I didn’t have that it would have to be shoes…and then maybe a belt. And if I had the money, I could probably be persuaded to buy some billowing silk orange trousers à la Jaeger…

  9. I will not be wearing orange this year unless there is some reality-shifting crack in the cosmos. I’ve never been fond of orange — probably because it makes me think of hot uncomfortable summertime, and because it is not at all suited to my coloring. But…my golly, it’s wonderful on you, and I adore your timeless, luscious clutch. I will enjoy the orange-wearing experiments…on you. :-b

  10. Let me just say I applaud you for this! I’m all about bright colors for Spring which is cliche as all hell I know, but I’m love w/ fiery reds, oranges, and yellows right now! I absolutely love the clutch!! I may just have to go out, and find one for myself!

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