Mrs B's Bargain Buys.

Thank you all for your comments on my second Body Image post. I’m so glad I bit the bullet and got all emotive on your asses. 😉

Anyway, in the spirit of that post, I’m chucking another couple of outfit posts your way. I made a bit of cash on eBay after my Wardrobe Blitz, and so it was with light heart and a spring in my step that I set off on an expedition to the local charity shops. I have to say, I was a little disappointed with the selection – everything seems to be from Matalan and Primark so can’t have been more than a few quid to start off with – but I did nab a few cheap treats.

I was so excited when I found this vintage dress for a mere £3. A rich cherry red with black detailing, it has flattering sleeves and a cute little belt. In case you’re interested, that second shoe-shelf down is in the header of my blog…

I think I was channelling Penny Dreadful in this one…

Shortly after I found these boots – I have a real hankering for grey boots these days, inspired to no small degree by one of Vintage Vixen’s latest outfits. I already have several pairs, but you know the score; it’s this magpie-like tendency that means I have 13 tan leather clutches. Totally unnecessary, 100% satisfying.


They’re grey with a low-ish heel and a few straps and cost £4. I don’t know where they’re from, but I think they’re understated and simple and they’re ever so comfortable, you know. I’m not sure what the upcoming trends are on that score, but my ankle boot love continues apace. I was just glad to find some that I could walk in without having to do preparatory ankle exercises or call my chauffeur. (that was just a little joke – in reality, being a northerner, I have to work 27 hours down the mines and walk 15 miles home before preparing bread ‘n’ dripping for my 9 children – we can’t afford chauffeurs at present).

I also found this lovely little blouse, in a colour I’ve coveted for ages without ever finding the right style. This is the one for me, my friends – in a pussybow style with a Peter Pan collar, for £3.50. White bra though – what a faux pas, eh, fashionistas?! I know you’re all gentlemen so wouldn’t have mentioned it.

As if my Special Shoe Rack wasn’t exciting enough, there’s also the Bossa Lightswitch.
I’m getting into the swing of this now. Stay tuned, chickens, for next week’s outfit posts from the glamorous BLACKPOOL…

What do you think?

Have you found any bargains lately?


30 thoughts on “Mrs B's Bargain Buys.

  1. Wowser, Mrs! Love the finds, you’ve done us proud. The blouse is stunning, the dress fits like a dream and those boots look to be in perfect condition. I’d love to have a ferret around your shoe shelves sometime, there’s some right beauts on there. xxx
    PS A light switch? Do you mean to say that even Northerners have electricity?

    • We do…but only if our young men peddle the machine in the back yard… 😉

      I’ll make you a deal – you can have a root round my shoe collection, if I can hit the pub with you!!! x

  2. Looking great MrsB!
    Love the cherry red dress, (what a great find!) and especially the “here I am!” pose of your first photo 🙂
    The double grey with the skirt and boots, with that dusky peachy pink colour is ever so lovely too….

    “bread and dripping for my nine children” my… that made me laugh out loud…as a fellow northerner, who happens to be London.

    • Well I thought about mentioning whippets and pigeons too, but didn’t want to totally alienate readers from across the pond…

      I’m thrilled with the dress – it’s a perfect fit! xxx

  3. Firstly well done on the outfit posts with heads!!! Some really lovely finds. Re ankle boots they never go out of fashion, but an emerging trend for a/w is to wear them with peg / cropped trousers to show them off x

  4. Look at you! I just loved this post, so many darling finds and inspiration. Those boots are especially so charming. Come to the States and do some bargain shopping with me, please? I haven’t been to any charity shops here (yet) and it’s a little intimidating. I could use your good karma!

  5. Looking good lovely!! I love all of your finds, you got some serious bargains.
    The bossa light switch is also pretty awesome. XX

  6. Great buys, the dress looks gorgeous and I love those little ankle boots!! the blouse is very cute too! have a good weekend x

  7. One: you are a babe! A crazy hot gingery babe. I don’t care if that offends the fem-side of your fash. BABE.
    I am so glad you are doing outfit post, and that you love vintage! Ah, me too. What great finds- I am diggin’ the boots, the dress, the blouse. Congrats on your Blitz success, by the way. Good to know you can support your thrift shopping habits. -Bella Q

  8. Great scores! Love the boots, I too am an ankle boot devotee. We don’t have much in the way of charity shops here in Canada, but we have a couple of great thrift stores where I live, and my fave scores so far have been a beautiful, butter-soft turquoise suede skirt for $25 and a balloon-sleeved, gold-coloured cardigan sweater with sparkly threads woven into the knit for $7.

  9. 1. I’m totally going to steal your pose in the first picture. I am always making mental notes of blogger poses. haha!

    2. That dress is a GREAT find. I am kinda obsessed with pleats right now but I can’t find any good plaated dresses or skirts at my local thrift shops. I did find a couple on etsy but they were a tad pricey. I am still on the look out.

    3. The blouse is also a FAB FIND! The sheer is right on trend!

  10. So many of us are vintage shopping lately. It’s so great for the environment and our wallets! Also, so easy to be creative when you’re vintage-hunting. Blackpool reminds me of Coronation Street! They always go there on va-cay, don’t they?

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