Outfits and Vintage and Shoes – Oh My!

Well, what a month March was, eh? I have to say, I enjoyed doing the Feminist Fashion Blogger posts and getting my teeth into something really juicy. From some of the comments, it looks like you did too – the debate on here was fantastic.

But…I still have shopping needs, my friends, and I still had my wardrobe cull money burning a hole in my pocket. So let’s start the week off with a little look of some of my recent outfits and fashion finds, shall we?

I wrote recently about my little family trip to Blackpool, a bracing and blustery seaside town on the north-west coast of England. Unfortunately the pics of my Carrie-esque white ankle boots disappeared, but I did manage to salvage a couple of one of my favourite vintage skirts:
And lo! Another lightswitch.
Want a gratuitous vintage bag close-up? Course you do:
Glad I painted the old nails…


The vintage bag was my great-grandmother’s; I nabbed it before my brutally-tidy mother donated it to a charity shop. My great-grandmother had good taste, no? I’m quite sentimental about heirlooms, and got a little choked up when I found her old hand mirror inside. I never knew her, but she is one of the ancestors I inherited my red hair from.

Wearing some of my favourites gave me a thirst for a few new threads. I actually went a little wild; not in quantity, but in style – Mr B displayed a tremor of fear when I mentioned the fact I’d bought orange silk trousers… They are pretty fabulous though:
On a more demure note, I bought this vintage silk dress for a few pounds. It doesn’t look much on the hanger, but when I belted and donned my tan heels, I felt great. Like myself. The effect was unfortunately undermined by my attempt to show my sister how high I could kick…when I ripped a hole round the bottom button.
This baby was advertised as a Mad Men-style dress – which is enough to get many a girl drooling. It has all the magic ingredients for me: a pussybow neckline, an unusual print…and just the right balance between ugly and ladylike. Behold, my darlings:
And oh! I almost forgot! Look at these stunning vintage shoes – immaculate condition and in a beautiful combination of cream tan and brown leather. Yummy.
What are your most treasured items of clothing?
Have you found any bargains recently?


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35 thoughts on “Outfits and Vintage and Shoes – Oh My!

  1. OOO loving your vintage finds. I’m hoping to nab myself some vintage finds soon as vintage is such an ethical choice. I especially love the mad men style dress. It’s gorgeous.

  2. I am loving those shoes and I am rather curious about the orange silk pants. (want to see them on your person very soon) I feel like there are a lot of bloggers thinking about changing up their blogs at the moment. something in the air perhaps?

    • Well, I think we all need a change now and again…apparently it’s one of the Six Psychological Hungers…!

      As for the orange pants – I thought I’d got away with NOT displaying them on my person! I’ll see how brave I’m feeling…

  3. Love the skirt, especially, but those are are all good finds. I like your outfit posts AND your serious feministy posts, I think you should go with a mix of whatever you feel like.

  4. That skirt is wondrous and you wear it so well! I have my grandmother’s wedding purse from the 1920’s and I keep it carefully wrapped up. How brave of you to actually use your GG-mothers bag – which is fabulous BTW.
    Your finds – how great!! Can’t wait to see you wear them!

    • I’m building up to that!

      I know, part of me felt guilty for taking it out of the wrapping…but I do look after it. And I like getting a little use out of it, rather than watching it languish in my wardrobe…!

  5. Hi my dear-love your pleated skirt and clutch bag, sentimental and stylish pieces that look fabulous!! The dresses were lovely finds too! have a great week xx

  6. Loving the “ugly and ladylike” dress!! I find it completely beautiful though, I love a painterly print! And the 3 tone sandals are so killer, I want them!! Super score! But most of all the great grandmothers purse is amazing, nothing beats provenance!!

    • Agreed! I love it so much…and appreciate it all the more knowing it could have been sold for pence in some charity shop. It doesn’t surprise me that you like the shoes, too – they’re probably more you than me!

  7. Were those shoes from ebay? I’m sure I saw a pair like them recently and thought they were gorgeous! You have such good taste, I love all your purchases. That top skirt is lovely and I’m so glad you managed to hold on to your great grandmothers purse xx

  8. OOOOH what a great haul! I love everything, especially the orange pants they look so comfy too. You great-grandmothers bag is beautiful, it looks so detailed. The shoes I absolutely adore, they look really well made and the colours are wonderful. I will read Mrs B no matter what you write about (unless it is the snooker) xx

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