Is Pink à la Mode?

I’m really pleased that my recent post on the gender/colour-coding of pink made it into Links à la Mode – for myself, of course, but also because of the recent influx of thought-provoking posts in the blogging world.
Here’s to ‘fashion with a brain’! Read and enjoy.

Fashion: Forever Evolving

Edited by Collette Osuna of Statements in Fashion

Hello everyone! I’m super excited to be making my debut as an IFB Links a la Mode Editor this week. As I visited each link, I was reminded that each had the exact thing in common with the next, that Fashion is Forever Evolving.

From your Mothers fashion advice, a beauty “how to” video, or a legendary icons passing, fashion is always changing and taking form in a new shape. I am constantly thriving to acquaint myself with the “fashion unfamiliar.” This weeks links did just that for me. I’m thrilled to be a new member of the IFB family and cannot wait to see everyone’s posts throughout the upcoming year!

Links à la Mode: March 31st

Shopbop Sunglasses: DITA, Karen Walker, Retro sun, Tom Ford, Mosley Tribes, Ray-Ban, Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs, Carrera, & Chloe

* * * * *

I’m having a re-think for Mrs Bossa Does the Do, and would like input from you, my readers.
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3 thoughts on “Is Pink à la Mode?

  1. Such well deserved recognition! I love that you made the IFB list, I’ve tried a few times now unsuccessfully but with great content like yours and the other blogs chosen it’s a tough nut to crack! My friend Lynn Peril wrote an outstanding book a while back called Pink Think, I think you would enjoy her perspective on the history of pink from her feminist perspective.

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