How Would You Wear…a Printed Jumpsuit?

Oops, I did it again.


It happens occasionally – I’m browsing for a perfectly practical item of clothing and I leave the shop with something über-trendy. This time the practical item was a pencil skirt. And the envelope-pushing item was a snakeskin-print jumpsuit. I know, I know.


I blame you. Or at least the blog. It was exactly the same with the velvet harem pants – being around fashion lovers can make us do crazy things, prompt us to get wild with our purchases. Don’t get me wrong, I think the jumpsuit is fabulous…but when I look at it, hanging on my bedroom door, I just wonder how the hell I’m going to get away with putting it on me, not least because it requires me to show my arms – the thought of which makes me want to live in a kaftan.




According to InStyle, I should be wearing it like so – all clashing prints and multiple bangles – but I don’t think that’s my bag. :



Nice shoes though.

So, as with the velvet harems, I turn to you, dear friends, and ask:

How would you wear a snakeskin jumpsuit?

Have you made any out-of-character purchases lately?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments…

UPDATE: want to see how I wore it? Read Outfit Post: the Jumpsuit Edition.


47 thoughts on “How Would You Wear…a Printed Jumpsuit?

  1. i have a similar iten hanging in my wardrobe. tags still attached, although granted mine is plain black and does have some sort of sleevage, i am yet to wear it. it tried it on and thought “yeah great, i’m down with fashion” with all sort of extravagent ideas of different coloured/shoes/bags blah blah….. in reality i probably never will wear it. the thought of going to the loo scares me too much that i am going to have to practically undress! hey ho……its only another tenner or so i’ve wasted… so if you come across an occasion where we can wear them together, let me know. lots of love mrs bossa.
    clare. xxx

    • Oh good lord…the thought of going to the bathroom never occurred to me! Another spanner in the works there then…

      But yes, you have to wear it – let’s get you styled up!! xx

  2. I’m afraid I would never wear a snakeskin jumpsuit, but that’s because I look hideous in jumpsuits. Pants are my enemy, and a jumpsuit is an enemy that’s always climbed “on top”, giving me know room to hide.

    I’ve been pretty good this spring about purchases. Well, aside from the actual vintage real snakeskin (it’s flaking, so it’s real, right?) ladies purse from a reseller in Paris. I haven’t taken it out of its cubby hole even to photograph. Is that a sign? I hope not, because it’s just what the closet needs–an actual vintage bag. But I wonder when and where I will wear it.

    • You will have to make yourself. Otherwise these items stay unloved and unused in our wardrobes…! Sounds lovely thought – hope it makes an appearance on the blog!

  3. I too have a thing about covering my arms…

    I think either a sheer cover up, so you still feel summery – lace jacket/ chiffony cropped jacket, or maybe one of those kimono’s that are knocking about. But a good bet is a blazer (either in a softer material, or heavily structured) – covers your arms, and skims your rear, and can help you feel comfortable in an otherwise body conscious item of clothing. Nothing wrong with a prim cardie and killer heels, or summery flat sandals though?

    I’d have gone with a printed jacket perhaps, but maybe a peachy coloured jacket, or a darker metallic grey. As the jumpsuit is a nice sort of neutral, black and beige, so you could wear bright accessories with it, like your favourite jewel tones… I reckon blue shoes would look ace…!

    Outfit post! xx

    • Hm…might try the cardi approach, but think I might look like strange little goblin in flats. You and your blue shoes! You’re right though – it needs some brights. xx

  4. I’m not feeling the clashing prints in InStyle. it’s all neutral so i think i would add a pop of color either in a shoe or jacket. a good ol statement necklace and maybe a sturdier nuetral belt (on my body type) I think think one print is enough….it says alot by itself.

  5. I am terrible at putting together ensembles, and in fact that’s why I like dresses over tops and bottoms, because in my mind then the outfit is “done”, save for shoes. I trust that however you wear it, it’ll be fab!

    Last week in a fit of hope for spring’s arrival I got this hot pink dress with orange piping. My color palette is more in the earth tones range, so this was a departure in color–and style. It has this enormous collar, like a Peter Pan collar but with an enormous fold-over depth and way low-cut, giving the whole thing this absurd proportion–I feel like Alice in Wonderland in it. (And, actually, last week I was at my boyfriend’s house and had to meet friends for drinks, and I had nothing to wear BUT that because everything else was unbelievably dirty, including the clothes I’d come over in. So I had to channel a fashion blogger and wear it with the only things I had lying around–purple fishnets and Adidas! And it was fantastic!)

    • That sounds amazing! How I wish you did outfit pictures! You’ve inspired me – I will think of a way…

      I am usually a dress fan. Though I wish make more with sleeves!

  6. Spicing up our wardrobe with novel pieces is always fun. I hope your “regret” about buying this interesting item was tongue-in-cheek humor.

    Something as bold as this deserves better than conservative treatment (e.g., paired with a sweater). It deserves to be a centerpiece. I’d add a bright dash of color, such as a red scarf and jewelry and stylish black heels. And choosing to wear it to the right event, like a cocktail party, not the supermarket…

    • I can promise you I won’t wear it to the supermarket! It’s my mother’s birthday this weekend, so I might brave it then providing I can nail these accessories. I agree with the ‘dash of colour’ – thank you for your input!

  7. What a fun jumpsuit! I’d wear it with tall heels and gold jewelry (earrings and bangles). If you’re going to wear a piece this bold, probably don’t want to try to hide/compensate for that too much – just go for it! (and let us see the results, please?)

    And I absolutely have been getting some out-of-character pieces of clothing as I transform what, exactly, my fashion character is. I keep buying cheap thrifted jumpsuits, hoping that they’ll suddenly work on me and be chic and elegant and oh-so-of-the-moment. And then I am reminded that I have a really long torso, so they never fit right. On top of which pants are not the most flattering thing for me anyway. So my jumpsuit-wearing dreams are not going to be fulfilled anytime soon…

      • Will do! I think what I’m going to have to do is make one of my own…maybe refashion one from a dress…so that the torso is long enough to actually fit me without pulling uncomfortably. Maybe I’ll start with one cut off midleg too, as it’s getting close to summer here…

  8. Ooooh, I love it! While I am sure there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with your arms, I do understand that feeling. You could try it with a white blazer and a pair of black strappy sandals. You want something that shows a lot of foot! Or if you want to be a little more daring try a strappy sandal in a bright color like fuchsia!

    Or, taking something away from the InStyle inspiration spread, you could take a crisp white blouse and tie it in the front.

    I am always a big fan of denim for toning down prints, so you could also pair the jumpsuit with a denim jacket. I have a leopard print jumpsuit that I wore this way. You can see it on my blog here –>

    … and of course, if you don’t mind showing your amrs you could just wear a simple necklace and stock on some bangles. Throw on a pair of sky high pumps and call it a day!

    I can’t wait to see how you end up wearing it!!!

    Eboni Ife’

  9. I can’t be doing with jumpsuits (mainly because I heard a story involving a leaky toilet in a nightclub, a silky, slippy jumpsuit and a ‘naked or covered in loo water’ dilemma from a friend once!). I was like ‘Thanks for telling me that. Now I can never, ever wear a jumpsuit’. I know that logically, I can, just not to studenty nightclubs (for which I’m 10 years too old anyway) but the fear persists.

    If I weren’t an oddball with a worst-case-scenario-thing, I would style it with a long, wide scarf or wrap in some kind of textured fabric or loose knit (fairly plain), wooden/pottery beads and some high, high black wedges. Go strongly for the 80s-ness and the earthiness of the look, but obviously with wedges to sex it up a bit.

    And I would only wear it to very clean classy establishments.

    • You’ve painted an incredibly vivid picture there, missus.

      Like the earthy idea with the wooden beads, actually…and the consensus definitely seems to be ‘wear high high heels’…

  10. I can’t wear jumpsuits period but this has lots of Studio 54 potential I feel. I’m feeling lotsa gold accessories, a sun tan and high high platforms.

  11. Personally, because of the zip I would wear it with a serious slouch – 90s dungarees style with a plain fitted vest. Because its summer I would roll up the trousers a bit and teem with Converse. + Messy hair.

    I actually bought a really flowery super-fitted summer dress the other day, which is out of character considering I enjoy androgynous clothing a bit more. Then I bought some black lipstick – so so wrong, but so so right. I reckon you’re gonna be looking badass in this jumpsuit :)x

  12. I think this would look fierce with architectural cage heels and a fedora! I would love to see you in this.

    This doesn’t count as a purchase, but I did pick up a very vibrant print dress at a recent clothing swap – WAY out of my comfort zone. I felt really overwhelmed by it, but I got it thanks to friends’ encouragement…

  13. YES! I’ve worn a printed jumpsuit that I thrifted and felt like a doober! I love the jumpsuit, I just feel a bit goofy in it. This is gorgeous though! would love to see it on! ~Serene

  14. This jumpsuit is great! I think that black cage heels, a skinny black leather belt, multiple silver/pewter chain necklaces, bangles, and a sheer wrap would look amazing with it.

  15. Forget all other accessories and just put on a pair of strappy heels, add a clutch bag and your done! You may have to show us ALL your shoes and bags so we can advise more wisely mind 😉
    My last two purchases were really out of character as they were pink, which I constantly say I hate. Guess I am changing my mind!!

    • I have a surprising amount of pink in my wardrobe…don’t know how that’s happened!

      One day I will show all my shoes and bags, but it’d take me forever! I’m wondering if I’d need any accessories – the drape seems to be feature enough.

  16. I definitely have that problem when buying clothes. For me the difficulty is finding somewhere to wear so many of my clothes. I love the clashing prints idea but also think this could look amazing styled more simply perhaps black or nude wedges and accessories.

    • I think I agree with you, Ceri – clashing prints may be a bit too much for a beginner… 😉

      I tend to buy ‘fashionable’ items just before an event; it’s my mum’s birthday do, and I think it’s made me feel adventurous. On the other hand, if I don’t figure out how to style it for the party, I’m worried I may never wear it!

  17. I do love a jumpsuit, I can’t help myself, the madder and brighter the better. That one’s a beauty, I can’t believe there’s anything wrong with your arms so I say pile up the bling, a massive leather belt and some killer heels and be done with it. Don’t get too drunk though, I have terrible trouble getting redressed after pissed toilet trips. xxx

  18. I have a similar jumpsuit solid though, I wear it sometimes with a short blazer & wedges, or wearing the pants a bit higher & adding a trim to keep in place, so that it looks like cropped pants sometimes. And chunky bracelets!
    I don’t wear reptilian prints too much, but I like the colours in yours here. -xxoo

  19. I love love love that jumpsuit! I’d let it speak for itself and not over-accessorize. Wear an armful of silver bangles and killer black heels and call it done. There are a ton of other great ideas in the comments, so i’m sure you’ll be fine. I say show your arms! Heck – wear an upper arm cuff!

    I like the idea of a huge floppy black hat and wedge heels too.

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