Outfit Post: the Jumpsuit Edition.

Boosted by your advice and words of confidence, I braved the jumpsuit last night to my mother’s birthday meal. Arm-modesty prevailed; I flung over a loose knit in a pale mango, belted up and donned some gold wedges (that’s as close as I get to bling, I’m afraid). I may have ended up looking a little tamer than some of you might have wished, but I did feel classy – no mean feat when you’re wearing an outfit with a snakeskin print and a drop-crotch.

So, as requested, here is a quick outfit post for your delectation. I also managed to get a shot in of my wine glass, which was almost the size of my head – another impressive achievement.

DP knit, Topshop jumpsuit, New Look belt and wedges

Shoe shots:

On a side note, I have to say, I was impressed with New Look’s wedges selection. My mum’s were quite nice, too:

I have to say – now I’ve bitten the bullet I’m looking forward to trying your more ‘edgy’ suggestions. Ideally I’d like to wear it with a silk orange blazer, a topknot and spike heels, but we’ll see…

The question is…did I get away with it?
And have you stepped out of your comfort zone lately?


29 thoughts on “Outfit Post: the Jumpsuit Edition.

  1. I’m not really a jumpsuit kind of girl but I think you look great in it! also, come on, let’s be realistic here, I prefer fashion bloggers that dress because they feel good not to impress strangers on the internet that they’ll probably never meet. I say, keep doing what you’re doing, I love your style.
    Also, I agree, those shoes are very cute 🙂


    • An excellent point – I trust you lot for advice, but in the end you have to wear clothes in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Thanks for your comment – I wasn’t a jumpsuit kind of girl either…xx

  2. Very cool! You certainly pulled it off. The jumpsuit has definite elan and you have the gravitas to make it work.

    I often take chances with fashion. That’s where the really interesting stuff happens.

  3. You so got away with it and in glorious fashion. You also look really comfortable which is even more important. I think this is the first time I’ve ever liked a jumpsuit on anyone. I love the accessories and I’m surprised by how well the color of your sweater goes with the pattern of the jumpsuit. It never would have occurred to me to put those two things together.

    • Why thank you very much!! I decided a contrast of colour was needed – it just looked too dull with black. I also surprised myself with the gold wedges – funny how an out-of-character purchase can push you to make other out-of-character purchases…

  4. That jumpsuit really fit you like a glove. Like the sandals, too.
    We always have to step out in order to advance. Perphaps i will try aanimal print next…Not sure though.

  5. Yes Joanna you look fabulous! Now bring it round to mine so I can try it on and we can have a laugh! Love the glass of vino too xxxx

  6. YOU rock that jumpsuit. Yeah. I am so glad you are doing outfit posts. You’re such a fox by the way- and that wine glass- I raise it up to you and your bitchin’ style!

  7. Way hey!! It looks perfect, really gorg and those wedges are amazing. Your mums too. Wedges are out of my comfort zone, I try them on all the time but never buy them, I just don’t see them on me. I do have one pair my mum bought me but they are really high and special, more like art to be fair, I like to take them out of the box and look at them a lot. I wore them once with a vintage dress but not sure if it worked. I will have to give them a go and join you in breaking the comfort zone. That last photo made me laugh out loud, the hypnotic effects of big wine!!

  8. I looooove it!!! You look fabulous. The sweater is PERFECT! and I love the shoes.

    Go for it with the spiked heels, orange blazer, and top-knot. That will be SO HOT!!!

  9. Whooo hoo! Thumbs up! I love how you styled it and those are seriously gorgeous wedges – blingtastic! New Look hey? – must pop in to my local store.

  10. Love the way you styled it, very classy!

    I’ve just been given a whole lot of new (well second hand and vintage but new to me) clothies…I amy well need to style something out of my comfort zone!

  11. You kill me! Wine-glass as big as my head LOL We have more in common that I first thought!

    On to the garb – I love the jumpsuit but more than that I loved the draped effect of it. I sometimes buy things a size smaller just to get that effect! Glad you stepped a little out of your comfort zone, it never hurts to once in a while I say!

  12. I haven’t worn a jumpsuit since I was a teenager, and will likely keep it that way, but I think this outfit looks great on you–the heels make it dressy, and the knit sweater tones down the “jumpsuited-ness” of it. You look gorgeous!

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