Why Mrs B is Moving.

Well, this is all very exciting.

Not only am I moving geographically, from here:

Edgeley, Stockport – photo by Mr Bossa
to here:

Hebden Bridge

…I am also moving my blog to another site.

I won’t bore you with all the technical reasons – though I have been craving a site that lets me to spend more time blogging and less time faffing about with line-spacing – but I also wanted to make my site easier for readers to use.

Some of you may remember that I carried out a survey recently, and I’ve been dying to act on the comments and suggestions. I’m not going to carry on with a dry analysis of stats, might I add, but I would like to thank those of you who took the time to give me your opinions. There were some fantastic comments, and some great constructive criticism. 

What did the survey tell me?

Aside from the style of writing/voice, I was glad to see such a positive response to the crossover of ‘fashion/social issues‘; I’ve only recently begun to incorporate my feminist views into this blog. As I have discussed in the past, it’s not easy talking about potentially controversial issues on an otherwise light-hearted blog, but I’m enjoying the challenge, and it’s good to see that some of you are with me.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see a positive response to outfit posts. I admitted a while back that posting photos of myself – however sexy the shoes – wasn’t my favourite pastime, and how things have changed. I never would have imagined myself buying orange silk trousers, never mind wearing them on here. Thanks for the words of encouragement, folks! And watch out!

So why move?

One: Quite a few of you said you had trouble with the commenting system.

I can understand this. I chose the current one so I could respond individually to comments, but I’ve since learnt that it can be plain hard work for people. I don’t want that. On my new site I’ll have a simpler system!

Two: Frequency of posts.

Of the 22 people who answered, 18 said they would prefer to see more frequent posts (thank you!) as I average out now to roughly once a week.

Luckily, that’s pretty much in line with what I want, and I think that using a simpler system will mean I can write more and worry less about the technicalities that make posting more time-consuming than it needs to be. Win-win, eh?

So…what next?

I’m building up to the changeover, and the good news is: you shouldn’t have to do anything. I’m aiming to get everything done by Sunday 8th of May…so bear with me til then, and keep your fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll keep reading – not least for the next installment from the Feminist Fashion Bloggers on Wednesday 11th May. Thanks again for your comments, support and input – you’re fantastic.

Thanks for reading,

Mrs B x

16 thoughts on “Why Mrs B is Moving.

  1. So happy for the positive changes you are creating! Your new city looks amazing, what an adventure! I look forward to hearing and seeing more of the new blog and home!

  2. congratulations on both of your moves lady, Im looking forward to the new and improved blogging site xx

  3. Wow great changes coming your way honey! I can’t wait to see them!

    By the way–have you heard that my 1st novel is being released on Amazon.com tomorrow?! Check it out on my blog! Have a wonderful Cinco De Mayo honey! Kori xoxo


  4. congrats on moving! what platform have you decided to go with? I have blogs all over the place and really like blogger… also disqus (as long as it loads!) 🙂 So I’m excited to see how you’re gonna do it better 🙂 I’ll keep reading either way 🙂

  5. Ahh Edgeley, not the sunniest part of Stockport…if I remember rightly….on the other hand Hebden Bridge is a gorgeous little place, you must be so excited! New changes sound brilliant too… wish I could get some time to make a few changes to my own…. 🙂 xx

  6. I have to add and Im not sure if I mentioned it before, I usually cant see half ur images and in this post I cant see any, just the title and a white line, no idea why?? Besides the spacing issue I am getting a bit fed up of blogger. Now I know, thanks to your wisdom, how you can add none blogger blogs to my blogger ‘follow’, all I need to figure out is how to get none blogger blogs to keep updating in the blog roll – when I tried changing to my own url my blog wasnt updating in peoples blog rolls so they didnt know when I had a new post. RU going over to wordpress? BTW Hebden brige is a lovely place to live x

  7. I’ve always wanted to go to Hebden Bridge, it even featured in BBC 1’s Exile this week.
    Looking forward to the new look blog and loads of luck with your move. xxx

  8. I am very much looking forward to Mr and Mrs B moving to Hebden Bridge and, as I enjoy your blog so much to maybe some more frequent posts x

  9. Can’t wait to see it! Did you have problems with formatting on blogger? I don’t at all, though i do upload my photos to flickr, which is probably why. when I go directly to blogger, I do find that things can go haywire a bit.

    anyway, keep me posted on your move, i may follow you in the winter when I have a bit more time.

  10. Soo glad you’ve decided to move especially as i have had soo much trouble commenting in the past. Its worth ther initial hassle as WP is amazing just remember i’m always here to answer wp or thesis questions xx

  11. I assume you’ve made the jump to wordpress just from the commenting system you have in place. It looks really good! Hebden Bridge is not that far from where I’m from originally (huddersfield) now in Leeds :-).

  12. I love the intersection of fashion and feminism. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how many fashion-conscious women are also feminists like myself. When I started addressing it on my blog I thought everyone would leave but I received the best response: there is perhaps an even greater relationship between fashion and feminism than we even believed. The FFB (Feminist Fashion Bloggers) has been a fabulous outlet for meeting and interacting with like-minded women who are passionate about the same things I am. I have to get more involved with the group again. As usual, look forward to your posts in their new home.

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