How to Colour Block in Vintage…Whilst Moving House.

Isn’t moving fun?!!

Moving Day - used with kind permission of Mariel Clayton

I’ve moved the blog with relative ease – did you notice? – but the house move is proving to be much more stressful. So I’m keeping it light today (there’s enough heavy stuff lying around here) with a little peek at one of my new vintage faves – from Fashion Pearls of Wisdom’s Shop Street Style.

This is the perfect antidote to these grey Manchester days – a shocking pink dress. Bored of black and feelin’ bold, I decided that a dress this colourful needed…more colour. So I cinched it in with a purple belt, dug out my favourite turquoise heels (featured in the header), and took it our for a spin with my orange clutch in hand.

Dress and belt - vintage, shoes - Kurt Geiger via charity shop

At one time I wouldnever have worn pink because of my red hair, but it’s now one of my favourite combinations (gender-coding aside, of course!).  Just shows – your hair can be a valuable accessory.

See those boxes behind me? That’s my freshly-packed shoe collection. Not the most glamorous of backdrops, I grant you, but I wanted to give you a little insight into what an organisational geek I can be. At least when it comes to shoes. If only I could say the same about Mr B…

36 hours to go until we move…so wish me luck!

Any last-minute tips for surviving the move?

And are you this nerdy about your shoe collection?!



52 thoughts on “How to Colour Block in Vintage…Whilst Moving House.

  1. I wish I was that nerdy! I kinda love the idea of having a wall full of identical shoe boxes. May I be nosy and ask where you got them from? I’m assuming you don’t buy all your shoes from exactly the same place…

    Good luck with the move. Keep the kettle and biscuits handy and have a takeaway on the night you move in. Possibly on the following few nights too, depending on how organised you are with the kitchen boxes.

    • I’ve emailed you about the boxes – they’re from eBay. Beats rooting around under your bed to find the shoes you need!

      Thanks for the tips – thankfully we’re moving in with relatives, so we’re throwing ourselves on their mercy!

  2. Pack a box (or bag) with toothbrushes, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, bottled water, your phone chargers, toiletries, and anything else you will need asap. I promise it will make your life easier. The worst thing is having to run to the bathroom to only notice you have no toilet paper. Can you tell I move too much?

    • Yes, that is definitely the voice of experience, loud and clear! I’ve moved 13 times in 10 years, and I still haven’t managed to get it down to a fine art…

  3. Well…I am in love with the Barbie picture. Barbie all stressed with Ken’s head in a box and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Too good! Nice color blocking. I’m new to your blog, having just found you on twitter. I am guessing you made the move from Blogger to WordPress? My big question is, “Did you lose any Google followers or is there a way to take your followers with you?

    • Isn’t the picture great? It’s actually the tamest photo of the collection – the others are a bit more bloody – but it summed up my feelings very well…

      Re moving from Blogger to WordPress: I didn’t lose any followers – they all came along for the ride!! There are just a few steps you need to take. If you’re considering it, I’d recommend reading this series by Beautifully Invisible: So You Want to Leave Blogger for WordPress, and feel free to email me if you want to chat!

  4. Oh gosh, moving is SO stressful… but it’ll all be over soon!!! Good luck with everything.

    I love this outfit on you. The colors are perfect and you are straight-up classy.

  5. So brave to move. I wish you would explain step by step, just in case I become daring and I follow.
    Is it true that you lose part of your posts and comments??
    You look fantastic, and your colour hair is so perfect!!!

  6. Looking just wonderful -love your colour combo and it all works!
    From recently moving house too – label every box and container – you will not remember what’s in them and keep everything you know you’ll need straight away separate going with you preferably otherwise label it with instructions for the removal guys to unload first. Lastly keep a checklist of all your boxes and items for a quick check of any missing items in transit.
    Good luck!

    • Wow – you’re a bona fide moving expert! My removal guys were Mr B and his brother, so thankfully it all went to plan…! Thanks for your comment, too – glad you like the outfit!

  7. Omigosh that picture is just too precious. Especially the ciggy hanging out of her mouth. I love Barbie and its nice to see her being not so perfect. It’s the best picture of Barbie I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe no one thought of doing that before! (not that I’ve seen anyway). It’s like Martha Stewart in prison stripes – totally counter-intuitive.

    • I knew you’d like it! You must look at the others – they’re quite near the knuckle at times but definitely show Barbie in a new light…

  8. Congrats on the seamless blog move and your house move as well! It’s all systems go! Love your nerdy shoe organising. I’m just as bad!

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s nerdy then. The house move wasn’t quite as seamless as the blog move…but it’s over, and that’s all I’m bothered about!

  9. Good luck with the move!!! Personally, the stressful part often comes from the amount of things one needs to move from place to place and the waiting game.. The only tip I could give you is to move all the most precious things (things you love, shoes, clothes, jewellery etc.) yourself and never ever let men deal with them. In my case it was the shoes, some clothes and teddy bears that ended in a car and travelled with us because, as I realised, men just don’t get it how important it is to move the clothes and accessories CAREFULLY! And I agree with the above comment about labelling every single box, so you know which room to carry them to (helps to avoid piles and piles of boxes in just one room) and what’s inside because trying to find a pillow and blanket as well as some bathroom things on a night of the move can be a pain if you don’t know which box all these things are hiding in.


    • This comment made me laugh. The Men were surprisingly careful with my shoe collection – but I did take some ribbing for it. Not a move goes by without some comment about how many I have. I can live with that though. 🙂

  10. Wit wooo what a fantastic outfit, I am in awe of your exceptional colour blocking! The dress with those shoes too perfect, I thought they were vintage but good old KG, I am surprised, every time I go in there all the shoes are sky high monsters, don’t think Ive ever seen any like yours so dainty and pretty. I will have to show you my shoes they look exactly like that all in towers, but ones that precariously wabble as you squeeze past, as I have zero room to put them – hence the reason we are trying to get organised enough to move house.
    P.S New giveaway on my blog – would come in useful for living in Yorkshire 😉

    • My shoes do look like dainty little vintage ones compared to the mammoth KG offerings in the shops! I love them, and it seemed fitting I should wear them on my last expedition in Edgeley as I found them in a charity shop there! Glad you approve of the colour-blocking – I think I made the right decision on the dress!!

  11. Well that picture’s just superb. It pretty much sums up what it looks like when I move (but with a diet coke instead of a fag. Or a G&T instead of a fag).

    You on the other hand seem much more organised and in control. That colour blocking works fantastically and gives an air of creative practicality (ideal for moving).

    Best of luck with the move. New homes are fabulous but moving is without doubt one of the worst forms of torment everyday life can chuck our way…

    • I think I had a G&T and</i< a fag… The waiting was awful! I've moved so many times, and always underestimate how hellish it actually is. I'm hoping we'll settle in the next place until we're old enough to get other people to move stuff for us! 😉

  12. Oh forgot to add my shoes are in boxes on a big old shelf (charity shop find) but the boxes are a messy mixture so doesn’t look good as a display. Want to rebox them eventually and stick a photo of the shoes on the outside. The same with the tall boots but not sure where these will live in this house and set up – have to wait til winter to sort that out.

  13. I need to be nerdy like you about shoes. I’m very disorganized and never can find the pair I need, and I noticed they are getting banged up, esp boots being thrown in a big bin. Ah, shoe nerd: help! And good luck with the move. You look gorge as ever!

    • I got sick of rooting around under my bed for them – they got bashed, and dusty, and I was always scared of disturbing spiders… I can definitely recommend the Nerd Approach!

    • Thanks for your comment! I can guarantee this outfit did not last long – I was back in pyjamas and covered in dust in no time!!

  14. I love this! It’s good to know that I am not the only one as nerdy. I think that it’s excellent, some of my organised boxes have little photo pockets.. haha! Adore those turquoise shoes.
    *I also invite you to submit a lovely pic of your fav vintage belt/bag. details HERE

    • As a photographer, Mr B won’t let me waste film on shoe photos. I have to make do with cryptic descriptions, as you can just about see! I have got to see yours at some point though – sounds like you take nerdiness to a whole new level… 😉

  15. You look amazingly cool, collected and fabulous for moving. I’d be down with Barbie with a wasted expression and an empty vodka bottle.
    I was quite good when we moved and put a coloured dot on each packed box to denote which room it was destined for. Sadly many of those said boxes are still taped up and consigned to the shed as I can’t be arsed to open them.
    Have a fab weekend and try not to get too stressed. xxx

    • Well…the empty bottle of wine was just out of shot, Vix. By Saturday I looked more like Ken!
      I think I’m also just stockpiling sealed boxes…I should treat them like time capsules. Kudos for attempting the coloured dot method though!! xx

  16. You’re the most glam mover I’ve ever seen! And I’m in awe of your shoe organization! I gotta get a system down, I have shoes everywhere and anywhere! Can’t wait to see your new digs!

  17. I love, love, LOVE the turquoise shoes with that dress- such an unexpected twist! I can’t believe how organized your shoes are… mine are just stuffed under my bed. :-X

    • I couldn’t bear that anymore. And having moved so many times, I had to get organised. Believe me, it doesn’t extend to all areas of my life… And thanks for your comment on the shoe/dress combo – beats boring old black!

  18. How gorgeous are you? I love all these colors on you, and I also love how you organized your shoe collection. It’s more organized for moving than mine is for staying!

    Moving is such a stress, and this summer I’ll be moving for the third time in about a year. Not pleasant! Best of luck to you and Mr B! xo

    • Thanks, love. I feel your moving pain – 13 times in ten years for me! And the amount of moving I seem to do demanded I rein in my shoe collection. Bagging up 84 pairs is not fun! x

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  20. Loving the nerdy shoe packing – I am very impressed, those boxes look super handy. Pray where are they from?

    Moving is pants. Grit teeth, keep calm and say fuck – a lot!

    • Believe me, I did, Kate!! The boxes are from eBay – possibly the most geeky and boring purchase I’ve ever made on there…xx

  21. How cool that you’re from Manchester- I was going to be my Masters degree in Leeds (but alas couldn’t afford it!) What a stunning outfit- those shoes are fab (my fave thing about visiting the UK is charity shopping!) Good luck on the move- I’m helping my best friend re-locate this week- my piece of advice is have a human buffer to avoid fights!

    • I wish I’d taken the human buffer advice – it was a barrel of laughs!! Looks like Barbie could’ve used one too. Where are you from, then? I’ve always wanted to go thrift shopping in the States.

  22. You look lovely in that pink, and those shoes are a fabulous touch. and in one of my favorites colors. Good luck with the move! I know how tough those can be! And i like the shoe organization… that’s a ton of shoes…

  23. I think I may be worse because don’t put my shoes in boxes at all, I need to take them out and try them all the time because I love them so much. I use my old shoeboxes for my journals, letters, and old birthday cards. Yeah I’m that kind of geek. Ha! Hope your move went/is going smoothly!

    • Well it needed a bit of work and nerves of steel…but it was more straightforward than I thought and my readers hardly noticed! Thankfully lots of people have documented their moves, so it was easy enough to follow in their steps.

  24. Hey that is some shoe collection there! My solution to the stress of moving is just to not move! You look wonderful in pink (and I’ve learnt from you that pink looks great with turquoise!)

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