My Top 7 Unlikely Style Icons…

I lied to you.

I told you I was influenced by Catherine Deneuve, Giovanna Battaglia…even Carrie Gorman from Elle UK. Turns out my influences are much more prosaic.

I submitted the photo below for The Loudmouth’s blog event ‘Show Me Your Buns‘. I liked it. Mr B liked it. My Facebook buddies liked it. But there was one voice of dissent, making an alarmingly accurate point: my sister told me I looked like Wilma Flintstone.

Feeling a little unsettled by this observation, I scouted through my photographs – this did nothing to put my mind at ease. Scroll down for my unlikely style icons..and make sure you tell me yours in the comments!

Daphne from Scooby Doo

"Shaggy, sometimes I think you'd rather eat pizza pie than solve a mystery."


Daphne’s willowy limbs aside, I do seem to share her penchant for purple and pink – often managing to incorporate multiple shades of each into one outfit. Thank the Lord I left off the headband, though, or that would have been embarrassing.

Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls

Pink skirt – check, knee socks – check, stroppy stance – check… But it’s the description of her as ‘bossy’ that seals the deal…

"Let's get him, girls!"


(I’m glad to announce that there are no more animated characters – if I’d found any similarities among The Jetsons I’d’ve been checking myself into the Priory for a Hanna-Barbara Cartoon Fixation.)

Betty Suarez

Now to my knowledge, no-one has ever modelled themselves on the Ugly Betty wardrobe (though I personally think her mad colour- and pattern-clashing is really something). One of poor Betty’s bad days involved her wearing a red poncho…and being sniggered at by the fashionistas at Mode Magazine. Turns out I am in no position to criticise…

"I saw Betty...and it looks as if Queens threw up..."


I’m just glad I didn’t go for any appliqué…

Some of my inspiration is subtle – well, not exactly subtle, but more of a wink and a nod to something altogether more garish. For example, my favourite pair of fabulous-trashy shoes are very Carmen Miranda:


I also learnt everything I needed to know about false eyelashes from dressing up as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas:


(In case you’re wondering: no, I don’t usually put them on upside down…)

Absolutely Fabulous

Quite possibly the least attractive comparison (and in this lineup, that is saying something) is Edina (or “Eddie”) from Ab Fab. I look more restrained, sure, but the level of debauchery on this day wasn’t much less ridiculous…

So come on, let’s have a laugh at ourselves –

who are your unlikely style icons?!

Tell me in the comments…if you dare!


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60 thoughts on “My Top 7 Unlikely Style Icons…

  1. This is GENIUS! I absolutely love it, and I love your unlikely style icons. I’ve already said that Jack Sparrow is one of mine and there will be more to come from me on that 😉

    I love your Wilma bun. And your Daphne look. And the Sally/Nightmare Before Christmas thing had me giggling out loud. Love this, love you!

    • Thanks, B. I love my Wilma bun too. I am not ashamed!!! I’ve added a link to your Jack Sparrow post – it was brilliant.

    • I would have included the MAD boy if I could find my equivalent photo. Probably better for my reputation that it’s in storage…xx

  2. That you can have fun with style and laugh at yourself is why you’re one of my favorite bloggers!

    I’m not sure what funny style icons I have, but Mystery Photographer says I have a Muppet laugh. Does that count? 🙂

    • It most certainly does!! You don’t look like the type though…

      Thanks for such a sweet comment – we should all have a laugh at ourselves sometimes!

  3. haha another awesome post! My number one unlikely style icon is peggy olson. People always go on about betty and joan, but pegs is INFINITELY more inspiring to me, even in her “ugly” or “dowdy” outfits I am continually inspired. Also, Nabokov’s Lolita, both in style as in personality. And I have a relationship with an older dude so there you go 😀

  4. I think Daphne is brill and DO have a hairband.

    My other unlikely inspirations include Hello Kitty (off centre hair bow, natch), the cast of Dogtanian and the 3 Muskerhounds (brocade, blue, big hats, yes please), The Cat off Red Dwarf and of course Margot Ledbetter. Ha ha.

    • Margot Ledbetter is WONDERFUL. I’m sure Vix said she’s inspired by her too. Unfortunately I don’t have her stature, and the imperious gaze doesn’t work with someone my height. The dresses are fabulous though. But The Cat? Now I’m intrigued…

    • That would be brilliant – those dresses are ace! And I’d love kneeboots to be standard issue uniforms. Betty Boop ain’t a bad comparison either – do you not have any photos you could put up?!

  5. Ha! absolutely brilliant, Mrs B! Mine have to be Cher and Ozzy Osborne because I’m always being told I look like one of them. xxx

    • Ozzy Osborne? Ha! I can see that with your array of weird and wonderful sunglasses. You have much nicer hair though… 😉 xxx

  6. hahahahaha this is awesome. Mine is even more twisted- I can pretty much pull inspiration from anywhere- the oddest I would have to say- the Joker. Dark Knight is my favorite movie. And hahaha i just looked down and sure enough Im wearing purple and green today!

    • This might be my favourite unlikely icon – I’m obsessed with the Dark Knight. I hope you manage to apply your red lippy in a neater manner than the Joker though…!

  7. Ha! My PowerPuff girl is Buttercup. And my Scooby-Doo charcter is totally Velma. From the department of flattering comparisons, I have Special Agent Dana Scully.

    • Very nice. Dana Scully is a great one. In reality I am probably much more like Velma than Daphne, but I think I’ve done enough of a character assassination on myself to cut myself a bit of slack…

  8. Ha! Brilliantly funny. Very amusing.

    My style-icon was my seventh-grade teacher, Ms. French. I so loved her clothes. I so wanted to look like her. I so wanted to be her!

    • Thank you!

      One of my teachers – and only one in the entire history of my education, might I add – was always beautifully dressed. So chic. She shopped only in Whistles, and I was always in awe of her. I also wanted to be any one of my first boyfriend’s three sisters – I thought they were the coolest people in the world!

  9. Oh god, I don’t really know. Does it mean that I’m horribly boring if I can’t think of anyone? Mary Poppins in terms of carpet bags and being snippy with everyone I suppose…

    • Or Marie Antoinette with those beautiful Irregular Choice shoes of yours?! I love a carpet bag myself, but couldn’t find any good photos of me in grannyish attire…

    • My mum’s was too…but it was her classmates who pointed it out. Understandably, she wasn’t very happy about it!

  10. I think we all have style icons we don’t always notice or want to admit. When I was younger I watched Lizze mcguire, and she always wore crazy outfits, and I would try to “copy” them. My crazy disney styling days come back every so often when I want to wear tons of colors, and prints in one day.

    • It’s great when you’re a child, though – you just appropriate what you like, without any qualms. It’s a shame we become so much more self-conscious as adults, so I’m glad to hear Disney hasn’t quite lost its hold over you…

  11. Hahaha! this was brilliant!
    I have to say mine is Adam Ant – who I believe Johnny Depp studied to come up with Jack Sparrow (who I’ve seen mentioned above) – I’ll have to recreate the outfit I wore when I recently went to see the last Pirates movie for you!

    • Yes, you must! Though I have to say I wasn’t entirely surprised by your mention of Adam Ant, what with your highwayman overtones… Wasn’t aware of the Jack Sparrow connection, though – how could I not have noticed?!

  12. Ergh, this comment form is driving me crazy. Anyway, this made me laugh loads, all your icons are fabulous. Mine are Paddinton Bear for his cold hard stares and hiding sandwiches in his hat, and Joan Collins for her glitz and bitchiness xx

    • I can’t imagine you giving cold hard stares to anyone, but I’m sure somewhere in your boutique you have a hat suitable for sandwich concealment. And I get the Joan Collins reference, but only because of how fabulous you look in sequins… xx

  13. LOVE this post (but not the comment form). I will have to think hard about my style icons… I do ADORE Patsy and Eddie… maybe a combination of those two? I love all of yours so much and now I want to wear upside down eyelashes!

    Sarah xxx

    • Far too many of us see a similarity with the Ab Fab girls, don’t we?! They obviously weren’t too far off the mark with those two. And I have to say – I loved wearing upside down eyelashes. That was a stroke of genius on my sister’s part!

      I’ll have to apologise on my comment form’s behalf – it’s normally so well-behaved. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to sort it out!

    • I can have a look at your outfits, but I wouldn’t dream of passing judgment… 😉 You’ll have to let me know if anything occurs to you!

  14. Ahh I thought I’d commented on this…! Like I read it when no one had even left a comment yet! All I wanted to say is that it was pretty much laughing out hilarious…. Loved the wilma bun, but thumbs up for daphne! xx

  15. hahaha, i LOVE this post. I dunno if I have any unlikely style icons.. Ill have to give it some thought… I inadvertently channel medusa with my fine head of curly locks and sometimes slash. hmmmmm what does that say about me?
    ps i love your bun pic its gorg x

  16. HA!!!! This is amazing. SERIOUSLY. Favorite post of the week, possibly month. I really really want to do my own post like this, crediting you of course. Such an amazing idea!!!

    BTW, people told me at one point, when I had short hair and glasses… that I look like Velma. We’d make quite the team, don’t you think? 😉

    • Ha, deffo! Sounds like the start of another blog event to me… 😉 All we’d need is a bit of Photoshop to bridge the Atlantic…!!

      Looking forward to your version!!

  17. More people these days think I modelled my style on Sean Connery…
    It’s not so much a case of imitation, more a case of Anno Domini…!
    I certainly looking particularly ‘shaken’ if not ‘stirred’ these days. Ah well, thatsh the way it goesh I guessh…!
    But console yourself with this, Mrs. B – if it wasn’t for pesky kids like you, just think of all those mysteries that would have remained unsolved…
    Yabadabadoo!!… x

  18. Hallelujah! I have been scouring the internet for weeks looking for a photo of the type of hairdo (specifically a fringe do) that i would like and you are modelling it in the top Wilma piccie! Love it! I hope it’s ok to take a pic of your do into the hairdressers?! Cheers, HaleBopp x

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