Mrs B Takes a Break.

You’ve heard the expression ‘life gets in the way’, right?

You may know that I moved a few weeks ago, and the truth is – it’s taken it out of me. The move itself, the new commute to work, the money issues, the jobhunting…it’s not exactly been fun and games, and frankly, I need a breather!

I’ve got some great guest posters lined upย for the next two weeks, so I can have a break. I’ve already scheduled next Wednesday’s Feminist Fashion Bloggers post, though, so keep your eyes peeled.

It’s not all bad, however – I’m now living in a lovely place, so here are a few gratuitous shots of the West Yorkshire countryside, as well as one of Mr B in his grandad hat. There’ll be no light switches in my outfit posts when I get back on the horse…

I’ll leave you with this question:

If you had Mr B’s hat,what would you

keep in those little sidepockets?!

See you soon!

Mrs B x


35 thoughts on “Mrs B Takes a Break.

  1. All my best to you during your break! Get acclimated first, and then please show us more of that gorgeous countryside, please. And more of these cute, cute pictures of you.

    Moving is such hard work–I’m impressed with all you’ve accomplished, as I couldn’t imagine job-hunting. xoxo

  2. NO worries… I totally understand, I may be moving as well once again because of my work HQ moving. Enjoy the break and looking forward to reading the guest posts. -xo Madison
    *hhmm, perhaps I’d keep a few mints & small tube of chap-stick in the side pockets. (there’s always a need for those items) lol.

  3. I used to have a hat just like that, in red. i wore it all the time when I was 18. never had nothing in the pockets though! Hope it all goes well for you soonest! xxx

  4. It looks so beautiful and tranquil. Take your time adjusting, we’ll be here when you’ve sorted your new life out.
    That dress is beautiful on you. I think Mr B should keep emergency sweets and some spare change in his pocket. Jon would keep emergency fags in his as he’s a bit common. x

    • Ha, I think you’re overestimating Mr B there, Vix! That’s exactly what he keeps in there!
      Thanks for that – you’re lovely xx

  5. Scenic shots. I hope you get some rest.

    I haven’t had a chance to mention this before but your tweets have been linking to some great posts from other bloggers. I really appreciate them and your introducing me to them. Thanks!

    • No problem, my friend, no problem. It’s so easy these days for posts to go under the radar… Really appreciate you saying that though.

  6. It look so beautiful! Good idea to take a break, you have had a lot on. That hat is so funny my dad has the exact on in the same colour and everything. But even funnier I had one when I was little and it was called my ‘Jimmy’ hat. When I put it on I was ‘being Jimmy’. Jimmy was a nightmare and would poke his finger in all the yohurt pot lids, pull the heads of the flowers to make perfume, dig the putty out of the window frames… very naughty was Jimmy! I think my pocket was a faux one, just for effect but I would have put a Carebear in it at the time.

    • Ha, that’s brilliant! Trust you to have a funny little story – will we get any photos of Jimmy on your blog?!

  7. Oh, the photo of you looking over your shoulder is beautiful. Hope all the pieces settle into place for you soon. Come back though–you are important to the community.

  8. The photos are lovely–what a beautiful place! I just moved last month as well, and until you get settled and it starts to feel like home, it can take over all your time and energy. The best of luck to you in your new place, and I look forward to seeing you posting again!

  9. I hope you have a nice break and your break is not from tweeting as well. I also hope you’re enjoying yorkshire :-). If I had Mr B’s hat I’d sneak some food in there..

  10. It’s a bridge to a fairy land!

    Moving is so exhausting, and then in hindsight, so wonderful. I love thinking back to how now familiar things looked with new eyes, if that makes sense.

  11. Enjoy your breathe! Been feeling very much the same myself lately. I’m using my husband’s return from a five-week stay in Australia as my excuse for scaling back over the next few weeks!

  12. Front door key in one pocket, tenner in the other. Saves having to lug a bag around and you’ve got enough dosh for a pint whilst you’re out. Ah who am I trying to kid? I can’t go anywhere without a giant handbag stuffed full of crap. Minimalism and moi don’t go well together.

    Enjoy your break. I’m looking forward to reading all the guest posts ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Life does that sometimes doesn’t it. You look gorgeous in that dress with all those butterflies in the print – West Yorkshire must beat Stockport hands down. Looks delightful from the photos. Good luck job hunting sweetie – my empathy goes right out to you there after my job hunting experiences last and this year! But actually through it all the only thing that kept me sane was blogging!

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