My Guest Post is on The Loudmouth Lifestyle!

Before I decided to take a break, I wrote this guest post for Stephanie of The Loudmouth Lifestyle. (Check out her outfit posts, by the way – she is gorgeous and always looks so happy in what she’s wearing).

Here’s the screenshot – click through for my post ‘5 Summer Staples I Can Live Without’, if only to find out how I managed to shoehorn potatoes and a toolkit into a post containing Brigitte Bardot…


8 thoughts on “My Guest Post is on The Loudmouth Lifestyle!

    • You must let me know, Terri. It’s often interesting to discover that they’re often the opposite of ‘basics’!

  1. Good on you for taking a break mrs b! I’ve been feeling so guilty about not keeping up with the blog for the last few weeks but things have just really gotten away from me! You look great in those images below and Im wondering wear you got that dress? Its super cute! Looking forward to reading your guest post on Stephs blog too! x

    • Jezebel!! Where have you been all my life?! πŸ˜‰

      The dress is from ASOS – one of my only concessions to warm weather as it covers my arms… Let me know what you think of the old guest post. xx

  2. I read this before I went away and laughed my head off, it’s brilliantly written (not that I’d expect anything other than brilliantly written where you’re concerned) and spot on. I’m off to comment now. x

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