Guest Post: Packing a Capsule Wardrobe for a UK Holiday!

With thanks to Emily from Sugar & Spice for this guest post – I selfishly begged for it because of the changeable weather this summer…

* * *

In April, my mum, sister and I took a trip to Scotland for three short wonderful days. We walked for two of the days and spent the rest of the time sitting in little cafes drinking coffee and eating cake. There are times when I holiday in the UK that I would not want to be anywhere else. Indeed one of the days we were in Perthshire, it was beautifully sunny and even reasonably warm given the time of year. But packing for a UK holiday can be far more challenging than packing for a holiday in the sun where the weather can be pretty much guaranteed. Indeed I wrote about how to pack a capsule wardrobe for your holidays over on my blog recently (


Layering is the key to a capsule wardrobe for a holiday at home:

Thin layers are even more important – thin vests and thin t-shirts (long or short-sleeved, depending on preference) will probably be as warm, if not warmer, than one thicker layer – if it’s warmer than expected, you can wear the vests or tees on their own but if it gets cooler, you can pair them up

Jeans are a godsend for UK holidays – they work well in the cold and in the warm

Socks take up very little room and yet will make all the difference if it rains or the sun refuses to shine

One or two jumpers/cardigans should probably be enough – just make sure that they go with everything you have packed

Dresses are an easy addition to your holiday wardrobe – if the British weather comes through and you have a lovely week away you’ll be so glad you packed your dress, if it rains, you can add a pair of leggings and a cardigan and still feel like you’re on holiday

Leggings – thin, light, and essential for cooler evenings – and days!

There are a few essentials that you would be foolish to leave home without for a holiday in the UK:

Waterproof shoes – i.e. wellington boots

Waterproof jacket (and trousers)


Capsule for UK Staycation


Have I forgotten anything? Feel free to add your UK holiday essentials.

And finally, a huge thank you to Mrs B for asking me to write this post for her while she takes a much needed and well-earned break. (Come back soon, please Mrs B!!)

* * *

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6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Packing a Capsule Wardrobe for a UK Holiday!

  1. Well done, Emily. The only time I holiday in the UK is if I’m attending a festival. I end up packing ten times the amount of stuff for a weekend away than I do for a month travelling around India.
    Layering is definitely the key. Where’s the bikini (or am I being far too optimistic?) x

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