Wardrobe Staples Revisited.

Can you hear that sound? That’s the sound of me back-pedalling, frantically.

Last week I got all snooty over at The Loudmouth Lifestyle, with my post ‘5 Wardrobe Staples I Can Live Without‘. Black shoes, white shirts, breton tops…I spat in the face of them all. I was particularly dismissive of trenchcoats and jeans, saying the former made me look like a bag of potatoes and the latter made me feel like a plumber.

But lo! Who is this wearing jeans?!

I’m afraid to say you are not imagining things – it is I, Mrs B. I don’t know if I tempted Fate from the Denim Gods, or was persuaded Emily’s guest post on packing for a UK holiday, but I tried some on. After months of wearing peg trousers my legs looked quite shapely, as did my behind. I thought the dark colour was flattering, and truth be told, I felt quite good. And what had I said not two weeks before?

Never fear though – I shall not be wearing mine with a hoodie or Converse trainers. No, my vintage heels and pussybow blouse keep the ‘me’ in the equation…

Mr B calls this photo 'Touched up by a triffid'.

That’s not all. Suffering from shopping withdrawal, I scouted through the wardrobe at my parents’ house. And what did I find? A trenchcoat. To be fair to me, it’s not your average trenchcoat. Its tulip shaped-skirt keeps it just this side of flattering, and I think it scores extra style points for being one of the brightest colours ever seen by the human eye. Most importantly, I don’t think I look like a sack of vegetables. Or a detective. Score.

I’m not a total cop-out, though. To be honest, I was drawn to the coat because of the colour, not the style, and the jeans because of the shape, not the fabric. I still maintain that people shouldn’t feel they have to have these things in their wardrobe, and they should feel at liberty to find their own style staples. There’s no point buying something that doesn’t fit your shape, fit in with your lifestyle, or fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. Keep your character. What was my advice on coat-purchasing?

Looking at this coat…I have stayed true to that philosophy.

Do you think I get away with it?

Have you ever changed your mind about a type of clothing?



29 thoughts on “Wardrobe Staples Revisited.

  1. Hah! Touched up by a triffid! I almost spat my morning coffee out laughing at that one! Jeans are a nightmare in terms of finding ones that make you look and feel good – they look great on you! As does that trench for the gorgeous colour – I do sympathise on your misgivings on the trench as a staple – I’ve never been able to find a classic trench that works for me either.

  2. That trench looks wonderful on you! I always find it that I, personally, like the trench on me more if I wear it with skirt/dress and heels rather than jeans/trousers.
    In my fashion world I am in constant love/hate relationship with flat shoes… I love the comfort, but I don’t like feeling short and sort of mushroom’y and that’s exactly how I often end up feeling in flats. I think I’d feel different if I was slimmer and (in a dream situation) 6ft tall, too. 🙂


  3. I have this major issue with coats in general. I am determined to find a coat ‘with character’ that not only works with my style but with the cut of my clothes. So far I have found nothing and it’s really annoying 😦 I’m putting all my faith in the AW’11 season to bring out some kind of non-sacklike babe coat. The jeans look great on you btw!

  4. Smugness on the jeans, look at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think with a lot of things it is just finding what works for you, I do agree with you still on the ‘stapes’ they are just easy pieces if you can’t be bothered to have your own style. I really like Breton tops but would never wear one just because they are so bloody common!

  5. I think most people can be persuaded by the right pair of jeans. Where did you find those ones? They look amazing! Here’s hoping you didn’t have to spend £200 to get them.

    The coat is a stunner too. I’d automatically describe it as a red coat (it is red, isn’t it? The colours are weird on this monitor) rather than a trenchcoat, so in my book that means it’s more interesting than a dull old wardrobe staple and deserves to be kept and worn lots.

    I changed my mind dramatically about shorts. I seem to remember blogging once and bemoaning the fact that I always looked horrendous in them and so would never EVER buy a pair. Fast forward about a year and I have a stack of them in my chest of drawers. I’m probably up to about 8 pairs now.

  6. Touched up by a triffid, you are definitely back, Mrs B!
    Nothing more fun than breaking a few rules and breaking own own self-imposed ones are even more liberating. You look bloody gorgeous in those jeans, worn just the way I like them with a ladylike blouse and some cheeky peep toes.
    That trench to far to vibrant not to love! x

  7. May I just say that you make back-pedalling look FAB. Not at all frantic 😀

    The jeans are a great fit and shape, and a dark wash is always the best choice, IMO. And the coat – gorgeousness! That color would make anyone smile!

  8. Hee! I love that you a) have the guts to spit in the face of wardrobe staples, and b) are still open-minded enough to revise your opinion. You look great! That’s why it’s so important to sometimes try things on that you don’t usually try, I guess.

    I don’t think I’ve ever fully changed my mind in such dramatic fashion. But I do rather despise button-down shirts and ladylike pumps. (Love them on others; just don’t think they’re “me.”) But now you’ve got me wondering if I should make a point to try some on, at least once a year, just to see!

  9. You are too cute! You are forgiven and you have gotten away with it my dear, and quite beautifully at that. I have had to eat my words many a time when it comes to fashion (I swore I would never wear heels to a concert or sporting event, and I have successfully done BOTH this year), so I think we are allowed to make an adjustment/amendment to our rules as dictated by the ebb and flow of fashion.

    (You can use that excuse if you need to!)


  10. I love this outfit on you, you look fab and ‘Touched up by a triffid’ is a classic name! I’m yet to even try on a pair of jeans that look half decent on me, so I’m waiting in hope…glad you’ve found some for yourself! 🙂

  11. The jeans AND the coat look fabulous. Perhaps you have hit on a magickal formula–badmouth something and then the universe shall bring it your way.

  12. That’s not a trenchcoat! It’s a beautifully-colored fashion item. A real find.

    I hate jeans. Hate ’em. I view them as anti-fashion, chosen by people who resist making smart decisions on what they wear. You’ll never see me in them. You, however… are quite cute!

  13. Good morning darling Mrs B! I’ve just given you a couple of awards on my blog. 🙂 Please check my today’s post. I will be very happy if you choose to accept them.

    Have a great day!

  14. I really love the trench on you… That last shot is quite fantastic, and I am happy that you found a good pair of jeans, you truly own your look, which is the main importance. 🙂

  15. I admire you for backtracking – I was the same with jeans. A few months ago I wrote a blog post about how I could never find any jeans to fit me and how they made everyone look the same – promoting a uniform culture. However, since finding a really comfortable as well as flattering pair in M&S of all places I’m happy to say that I’ve enjoyed wearing them! The trench is a fantastic colour and really suits you, and if people did mistake you for a detective then o doubt they would think you a very stylish one at that 😉 xx

  16. Those jeans look awesome on you. I think the key with jeans is to find a pair that fit you perfectly and the way you style them is vital too xx

  17. Ah-ha!! I like to think it was me that pursuaded you!! I live in my jeans -sooo easy!! These look great on you!! Hope you’re having a great break 🙂 xx

    PS That trench is a gorgeous colour!!

  18. jeans working for you? check. trench working for you? CHECK. I have often changed my mind about things. I think I should probably steer clear from ruling out anything, ever. For instance. I used to hate handbags…. imagine. haha.

  19. I think you look great in the jeans and the coat. I acutally remember reading the post. I’m an avid jean wearer. You just have to find a few good pairs that make your ass look like gold.

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