How Would You Wear…a Maxi Dress in Autumn?

Hello! How nice to see you again! The next FashFem post is out on Wednesday, so I’m easing myself back in with a post about, you know, pretty clothes and shiz. And you know I like to ask your advice from time to time.

I’ll be glad to see the back of summer. Or more accurately, summer clothing, which is all the things I despise: flimsy fabrics, sleeveless styles, and endless rails of frickin’ white linen. And don’t even get me started on bikinis. I’ll take cashmere and corduroy over cotton any time.

Having said that, I admire those who ‘do summer’ well. Part of me would love to dress like Courtney Cox in Cougar Town – colourful tailored dresses worn with covetable heels, tanned and toned bare arms and legs. Every year around this time think to myself, “Why didn’t I do summer like that, instead of swanning round in vintage nighties and flipflops, fanning myself cool with gas bills?!”

I wish to god I could purchase CC's upper arms. Not literally. That would be creepy and serial killer-ish.

Well, I’m a little behind on this one, but I decided to play the game before my beloved autumn well and truly descends: I bought two maxi dresses. Whoop! I have to say, they’re a dream to wear, but I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted. Everyone seems to live in them except  me.

And, as a bonus, I’m told that maxi dresses can actually be trans-seasonal – bargain. So, my question to you is…

…how would you style these two babies up … for autumn?

Dorothy Perkins

Sainsburys!!! (last of the big spenders...)

Which summer clothes will you be wearing in A/W?

Tell Mrs B all about it in the comments…



27 thoughts on “How Would You Wear…a Maxi Dress in Autumn?

  1. I would wear either one with a black blazer, or toughen it up with a black motorcycle jacket if you are daring. However, the blazer would look stunning on you. You could also wear a light sweater over them to style them as maxi skirts.

    • That sounds so comfortable. It is so easy to wear maxi dresses…though I do suspect I’m wearing them as pyjama substitutes. Hm…perhaps in that case I should wear a blazer so I don’t look like a total slob!!

  2. Please dont make me talk about maxi dresses, I just dont like em. I dont know throw some boots, a cardi and belt at them LOL. I did buy one soft cashmere blend plain black one and wore it a couple of times when I was in Florida and it was comfy but I just cant get excited over them, same goes for sandals so not a summer person. I like spring when I can wear a frock and nice shoes but with a jacket, thats my kind of dressing. So I do look forwards to seeing you wearing these, maybe you can convert me?

    • I’ll give it my best shot!
      I have to agree though, really – I can’t claim to find them as exciting as other kinds of dresses (or sandals as other kinds of shoes), but they are definitely easy to wear. And I love spring and autumn – jacket and bare legs is my fave way to go! xx

  3. I looking forward to wearinl a few summer dresses with tights and chunky cardigans (not maxi dresses, sadly – I’ve been hunting for a perfect maxi for thew whole summer, but still no luck). Also – two pairs of quite open heels (in black and grey\nude). Can’t wait to wear them with bright tights ( I think fuchsia))

    • Oof, that sounds nice. Pictures please!! I want to wear summer sandals with red or deep orange woollen tights, like on the Fendi catwalk. I’ve got some fabulous sparkly shoes…but I’m saving them for another post!!
      I can’t really bring myself to love maxi dresses – especially being so short – but I loved the colour of the top one, and the second was lovely to wear on summer evenings…

  4. These first two dresses are AMAZING! Just goes to show you how important fit is….the maxi dresses are lovely, but when it comes to styling them, I’m at a loss. Never could get ahold of the maxi dress trend! ~Serene

    • Ha, I appreciate your honesty!! Most have suggested boots and cardigans, though I’ve seen them styled with pussybow blouses which is a cute look.

  5. I’d wear the first one with chunky heels and fitted leather jacket, plus some jewellery. The second dress – with a sweater, either small and fitted, say, for more formal occasions, or chunky – for a relaxed look. Plus wedge heel or booties. 🙂


    • Wedge heels are my new fave thing, and I will definitely be investing in some boots for autumn/winter. I may have to stick to small and fitted knitwear, though – chunky knitwear is less than flattering on me!! 🙂

  6. Enough about autumn! It’s summer in my wardrobe and will be until my limbs turn blue.
    A maxi dress is for life adn not just for summer, mine are a year round staple with leggings and a body underneath for extra warmth come the colder days. They work best for me with a cropped or tight jacket otherwise I feel like a sack of spuds so I pop my trusty 70s leather jacket and a belt over the top or my vintage saluki faux fur. x

    • Ha ha! As if your limbs could ever turn blue, you tanned goddess, you. I feel bad for wishing the summer away, but I don;t believe I was made for hotter climes…

      I think you’re right about cropped/tight jackets – it’s far too easy for me to veer into sack of spuds territory… xx

  7. I like maxi dresses, I’d probably go for a shorter maxi, belted, or boots & a cropped jacket etc. I love the colours in the Sainsbury’s above print. Also love Courtney’s tailored dress. :). I’m looking forward to autumn!

    • Me too, lady, me too! I don’t care how miserable it makes me sound 😉
      I think heavy boots would look good with the Sainsbury’s maxi as it’s so floaty…but I could tie up the hem of the other so it doesn’t trail in the inevitable snow…

  8. You always make me laugh – I know what you mean about the white linen, I mean come ON! It’s see through and it pretty much creases as soon as you take it off the hanger! Love the first maxi dress – it’s the type of colour that can look autumnal. I would style it with thick black tights, black heeled boots and a black fur coat. Matching hat optional.

  9. I love the red floral number on Courtney. It’s so funny you love her arms because I was thinking they are too sculpted for my taste. I like a softer look for a woman, but maybe that is because I don’t possess it and we want what we don’t have 🙂

    • You said a mouthful there, sista!!! 😉
      Courtney’s arms are so far removed from my own that I can’t even aim for them – I ain’t the willowy type! Would like to feel good in sleeveless dresses, though…

  10. “I’ll be glad to see the back of summer. Or more accurately, summer clothing, which is all the things I despise: flimsy fabrics, sleeveless styles, and endless rails of frickin’ white linen. And don’t even get me started on bikinis. I’ll take cashmere and corduroy over cotton any time.”

    AMEN sista! I am all about fall and winter. I don’t like to wear sleevless clothing, so I pray for the day that I can layer and wear coats.

    For both dresses, I would definitely do them up with a cardigan and/or blazer. I saw that someone mentioned a long coat and that would work, too. Even a long swearter coat would look great. And those boots you got…don’t forget those to wear with these!


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