How to Colour Block in Vintage…Whilst Moving House.

Isn’t moving fun?!!

Moving Day - used with kind permission of Mariel Clayton

I’ve moved the blog with relative ease – did you notice? – but the house move is proving to be much more stressful. So I’m keeping it light today (there’s enough heavy stuff lying around here) with a little peek at one of my new vintage faves – from Fashion Pearls of Wisdom’s Shop Street Style.

This is the perfect antidote to these grey Manchester days – a shocking pink dress. Bored of black and feelin’ bold, I decided that a dress this colourful needed…more colour. So I cinched it in with a purple belt, dug out my favourite turquoise heels (featured in the header), and took it our for a spin with my orange clutch in hand.

Dress and belt - vintage, shoes - Kurt Geiger via charity shop

At one time I wouldnever have worn pink because of my red hair, but it’s now one of my favourite combinations (gender-coding aside, of course!).  Just shows – your hair can be a valuable accessory.

See those boxes behind me? That’s my freshly-packed shoe collection. Not the most glamorous of backdrops, I grant you, but I wanted to give you a little insight into what an organisational geek I can be. At least when it comes to shoes. If only I could say the same about Mr B…

36 hours to go until we move…so wish me luck!

Any last-minute tips for surviving the move?

And are you this nerdy about your shoe collection?!



Friend Friday: Colour Wars.

This week’s Friend Friday is all about colour – and let’s face it, those of us enduring the dismal days in the UK need an injection of vibrancy. I for one am very excited about the upcoming colour-blocking trend; I loved the collections at Gucci and especially Aquilano.Rimondi – I haven’t been so behind a trend since Prada’s Spring 2000 collection (the one with all the pleated skirts and ostrich skin). So put on your shades, people…and off we go!

What colour dominates your closet? 

It used to be black, but after succumbing to pressure I began to branch out into jewel tones: emerald, plum, deep sapphire… I found that wearing them on my bottom half made the transition a whole lot less scary.

Love pink and red together.
I would never wear pastels, white, or neon colours…and neutrals sap all the colour out of my already-pale skin.

If money weren’t an issue how would you change the colour emphasis in your closet?

This used to be an entirely black selection. Can’t believe I own that much pink…

I have become obsessed with cobalt and Yves Klein-esque blues. They are stunning shades, and they make my hair look redder – it’s a win win situation chez Bossa. I have a coat, jumpers, skirts…and of course my beloved vintage silk dress:

So if I had a real influx of cash, it’s most likely that I continue to turn my world blue. Or dip my toe into the neon pond by investing in a pair of this season’s Miu Miu shoes.

What is your mantra about mixing colours? 
For me, it’s got to be all-black or multiple jewel colours. I love tan leather with everything. As for what one shouldn’t wear…try as I might, I find it difficult to wear any combination of black, brown and navy, which is a total leftover from my very colour-conscious mother.  

Plum, navy, forest green, tan. My kinda combo.

For you, how do you incorporate colour into your outfits? 
If I’m feeling brave I will wear multiple colours together. If I’m feeling slightly less brave I’ll pop on a pair of coloured tights. If I’m all-out chicken I’ll perk it up with a necklace or some shoes…

Which blogger(s) do you think do a good job of incorporating colour into their wardrobe? 
Without a doubt: Franca, of Oranges and Apples. Her colour choices are fabulous, quirky and brave. Every outfit post makes me want to applaud. She is, also in my opinion, the mistress of coloured tights; she almost tempted me to buy some orange ones the other day. Don’t fret, my dears – I said almost…

Franca, my Colour Guru: and these are some of the lower-key outfits…
What about you, fellow fashionistas? 
How does colour feature in your wardrobe?  

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Milan & Its Technicolour Dream Coats.

I can’t pretend I have seen all the pictures from all the fashion weeks, and I can’t say I’m an expert on designer collections…but, sometimes you just fall in love. Sometimes its about the feeling you get. 

Well, I fell in love. With the beautiful colours at Aquilano.Rimondi. Now I know that there was plenty of colour-blocking on the catwalks this season, but Gucci’s jackets and trousers, though stunning, got a little too close to the 80s for me, and I certainly wasn’t feeling the ‘orderly chic’ at Prada (thankfully it didn’t move me to tears, however, as it did Kate at Make Do Style). The chic and streamlined shapes at Aquilano.Rimondi swung it for me though.

The way Aquilano.Rimondi’s collection combined colour (try saying that ten times really quickly!) made me groan aloud, but it was the choice of fabric that made said colours so vivid.

It is also the reason I would be very cautious of ‘trying this at home’; jewel tones tend to be popular in winter, of course, but I don’t know if peach, tangerine and turquoise would pack the same punch in Topshop cotton.
Does it look gorgeous? Absolutely. Are the hotpants necessary? I hope not.
Will I be able to pull it off without looking like Emma from Glee?! Watch this space…

Emma: she has great sweater clips.